Sparkling Ice Spiked Hard Seltzer Review: Strawberry Citrus Smash

Sparkling Ice Spiked Strawberry Citrus Smash Hard Seltzer

Rating: 89 Points

Calories: 80

Carbs: 1g

ABV: 4%

Sparkling Ice Spiked Strawberry Citrus Smash is a Smash Hit

Sparkling Ice Spiked Strawberry Citrus Smash Hard Seltzer— When it comes to favorite fruits, strawberries top the list for most. It’s no wonder that it’s a standard presence in jams, jellies, ice cream, and desserts around the globe. Many folks spend warm days in strawberry fields picking berries with their families each summer. It’s also no secret that strawberries blend with other flavor profiles well, such as lemon. In fact, strawberry lemonade and strawberry limeade are incredibly refreshing drinks. Sparkling Ice Spiked Strawberry Citrus Smash fuses the flavors perfectly to create a beverage that is reminiscent of Italian ice. Tasting this hard seltzer may even remind you a bit of rainbow sherbert or a strawberry fruit punch. No matter what flavor profiles come to mind, blending strawberries with citrus makes a delicious spiked carbonated water.

Strawberry With a Hint of Citrus

When opening Sparkling Ice Spiked Strawberry Citrus Smash, the slight scent of strawberry wafts through the open can. Not only does it smell like berries, but an overall fruity flavor comes through. This is true even if you can’t pinpoint the exact fruit combination. The taste of strawberries is definitely more pungent than the citrus, although you can taste other fruits within the beverage. It’s well carbonated yet not overbearing, and the overall taste is light and crisp. A slight sucralose flavor profile comes through, although it’s not distracting or overpowering at all. If you’re looking for a hard seltzer that combines sweet tones with notes of citrus, this spiked beverage does the job incredibly well. The flavor and carbonation is consistent with this combination as well as all other flavors of Sparkling Ice Spiked that we’ve rated.

Flavor That Delivers

Being packed with flavor doesn’t always mean that a beverage needs to be filled with bad stuff. Forsake the artificial flavors and high-calorie drinks, and grab a Sparkling Ice Spiked Strawberry Citrus Smash instead. This low calorie (only 80!) hard seltzer is also low in carbs, weighing in at only one gram of carbohydrates. It’s also free of sugar and gluten, which makes it an intelligent choice for conscious folks. Add in the fact that the alcohol percentage is low—only 4%—and you have something to feel good about drinking. As far as ingredients, this hard seltzer is made with carbonated water, cane sugar alcohol, sucralose, and natural flavors. A minimal ingredient list offers maximum flavor in the form of strawberries blended with citrus fruit.

Sparkling Ice Spiked Strawberry Citrus Smash is The Ultimate Berry Experience

When your go-to fruit is strawberries, then the wise choice is to reach for one of these spiked seltzers. Enjoy this flavorful spiked seltzer with a hearty steak, a healthy salad, or alongside a lemony dessert. When it comes to blending a favorite fruit with citrus, this hard seltzer gets a high review for its combination of flavors. Whether sweating on your porch or relaxing by the fire, let summer’s flavors come to life on your taste buds. Swirls of fruity profiles can remind you of warm days and time spent with family enjoying freshly picked summer berries. After all, letting the lazy days of summer linger through your taste buds can be a wonderfully refreshing experience.


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