CANTEEN Vodka Soda Review: Black Cherry

Canteen Black Cherry Vodka Soda

Rating: 87 Points

Calories: 99

Carbs: 0g

ABV: 5%

CANTEEN Black Cherry Vodka Soda Inspires Summer Memories

Canteen Black Cherry Vodka Soda— If you have ever been cherry picking in the summer, you know how luscious and delightful the taste of the fruit can be. The skin of the fruit is just firm enough that you feel a slight tear as you bit into each cherry. The flavor explodes in your mouth – a sea of sweetness followed by a tantalizing dose of sour to complete the heavenly taste experience. Even after eating a good black cherry fresh off the tree, the flavor will linger in your mouth for a few minutes. You could call the feeling being in your happy place, because there is no doubt you will enjoy the black cherries that much. Now there is another way to go to that happy place. Try a CANTEEN Black Cherry Vodka Soda for a flavor experience you’ll be sure to love.

Seductive Bouquet

Each time you crack open a can of CANTEEN Black Cherry Vodka Soda you will be instantly greeted with the sultry and seductive bouquet containing nodes of real fresh black cherries. The authentic fragrance is the first step in a completely delectable tasting experience. Just smelling the tasty beverage and your mind will race back to the memories of summertime cherry picking. Another thing you will notice when you open a can of this black cherry hard sparkling water is that it has the perfect carbonation level. You get the impact of just the right level of bubbles. Too many bubbles or two few bubbles and the experience can be a failure, but Canteen gets it spot on right with this one.

CANTEEN Black Cherry Vodka Soda Has Authentic Flavor

While this spiked vodka seltzer has a tantalizing bouquet upon opening, the flavor experience is just as enjoyable. Unlike some seltzers that offer a more candy-like taste, CANTEEN aims to provide a more authentic black cherry flavor with this vodka soda. This slightly sweet seltzer is as advertised – packed with realistic black cherry essence. The enticing flavor offers a good crisp finish. Rather than suffering from too much vodka flavor, this particular offering leans more to the sweet side if anything. However, in addition to the sweetness it embodies, it also packs just enough sour to make the overall experience accurate. It is a light and enjoyable flavor from first sip to last. The flavor is very true to the name.

Ideal Carbonation

If you are seeking a light adult beverage, CANTEEN Black Cherry Vodka Soda is only 99 calories per serving with 5% alcohol by volume (ABV). There are 0 grams of total carbs and 0 grams of total sugars for a guilt free flavor experience, similar to many other hard seltzers we’ve reviewed. The drink is also 100% gluten free. The carbonation level offers an ideal compliment to the exquisite black cherry flavor. If you like authentic black cherry flavor that is sweet at first and then flourishes with a slightly sour end kick, you will truly enjoy this beverage from CANTEEN . From the moment you open the can you are greeted with an authentic fragrance. And down to your last sip the bubbly beverage quenches your thirst and ignites your taste buds. This black cherry vodka seltzer could well become one of your favorites.


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