Carbliss Vodka Seltzer Cocktail Review: Lemon

Carbliss Lemon Vodka Seltzer Cocktail

Rating: 87 Points

Calories: 100

Carbs: 0g

ABV: 5%

Carbliss Lemon Vodka Seltzer Cocktail Has Lemonade Stand Flavor

Carbliss Lemon Vodka Seltzer Cocktail— Fresh squeezed lemonade is a flavor that every kid loved during childhood. The sweetness of sugar mixed with the tartness of the lemon, all served chilled over ice is a flavor from childhood that you will never forget. Think back to the days of selling lemonade from a stand at the side of the road. It is a rite of passage almost all kids go through. Even before taking a sip of fresh squeezed lemonade, you can smell the flavor that is yet to come. To be sure, with a quality freshly squeezed lemonade you taste the fresh lemons, not lemon oil or lemon extract. Although not an exact match for the flavor of childhood, Carbliss Lemon Vodka Seltzer Cocktail does a good job at presenting a flavorful adult lemon beverage.

Highly Authentic Flavor

When you first crack open a can of Carbliss Lemon Vodka Seltzer you are immediately greeted by a wonderful authentic lemon scent. Your mouth will start to water instantly. Inspired by a low-carb, high-fat keto diet, this particular hard seltzer is credited with a highly authentic flavor. This is despite 0 grams of total carbs and 0 grams of total sugars. In actuality, the taste is reminiscent of freshly squeezed lemonade you would buy while enjoying the sights at the county fair. There is also some similarity in flavor to lemon drop candy. Either way, whether you are a fan of lemon candy or lemonade, this lemon vodka seltzer offers a great flavor.

Carbliss Lemon Vodka Seltzer Cocktail Is Light On Carbonation

The level of carbonation in a spiked seltzer cocktail goes a long way towards defining the overall taste experience. Too much carbonation and you lose the flavor to bitterness. Too little carbonation and your beverage is flat and lifeless. The creators of Carbliss Vodka Cocktails have opted to go with a less fizzy level of carbonation than most seltzers. This is on purpose. The creators wanted a smoother drinking experience that can only be achieved with less carbonation. The light amount of carbonation has the added effect of making the beverage slightly cloudy. The cloudiness adds to the similarity to traditional lemonade from our youth. It is not a deterrent.

Fresh Lemon Zest

Carbliss Lemon Vodka Seltzer Cocktail is sweeter than most brands of lemon hard seltzers thanks to a sucralose sweetener. The only real complaint about this vodka soda is that you can taste the artificial nature of the sweetener. The benefit of the artificial sweetener is that it keeps the calorie count low – just 100 calories per serving. However, you do have the tradeoff of a slightly artificial taste. But by no means is it a bad flavor experience, it just could be a tad better. As it is, the lemon zest reminds of fresh squeezed lemonade at the county fair. It is not too tart and just a little on the overly sweet side. This is combined with a light level of carbonation to ensure the drink goes down smoothly. And the drink comes packaged in a delightfully decorated can that sets the mood for the lusty lemon flavor.


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