Spiked Snowmelt Craft Hard Seltzer Review: Tangerine & Hops

Spiked Snowmelt Tangerine & Hops Craft Hard Seltzer

Rating: 95 Points

Calories: 110

Carbs: 2g

ABV: 5%

Spiked Snowmelt Tangerine & Hops Craft Hard Seltzer Offers True Fruit Flavor

Spiked Snowmelt Tangerine & Hops Craft Hard Seltzer— There is nothing quite like the taste of citrus. While the most common citrus flavors are orange, lemon, and lime, you should not forget about all the wonderful attributes of tangerine. It is a little like an orange, but with a personality and flair all its own. Tangerines are a bit smaller than oranges and tend to be a little less round. Ripe tangerines are firm with a soft skin. The taste is similar to orange but far sweeter and stronger, and less sour. Tangerine flavor is a lot like adding a dose of sunshine to your diet. Now you can enjoy the luscious sunny fruit flavor in Spiked Snowmelt Tangerine & Hops Craft Hard Seltzer – a vibrant and enjoyable beverage through and through.

Fresh Fruit Aroma

When you first open a can of Spiked Snowmelt Tangerine & Hops Craft Hard Seltzer you are greeted by a very pleasant aroma. Hints of fruit flavor tickle the nose. The fragrance is very authentic. You get distinct nodes of clementine tangerine and Christmas orange. You can also smell the nutty earthiness of the hops. Hops are known to add a slight bitterness to beverages. This tangerine seltzer contains 5% alcohol by volume (ABV), similar to that of White Claw’s tangerine flavor. It is a little higher in calorie count than most hard sparkling waters, coming in at 110 calories per serving (one can). But it is still not a high calorie beverage by any means. Each drink contains 2 grams of total carbs and 2 grams of total sugars. And it is also gluten free.

Spiked Snowmelt Tangerine & Hops Craft Hard Seltzer Has a Lingering Sweetness

The distinct taste of this spiked sparkling water by Upslope Brewing Company is one to write home about for sure. There is a genuinely nice orange-like flavor. It is a very authentic flavor. The sweetness lingers on the lips and is soothing going down. The taste is so authentic you expect to taste pulp. The hops are faint, adding to the overall flavor without being overpowering. One thing that is key to all great craft seltzers is a proper carbonation level. This tangerine and hops seltzer has just the right amount of bubbles. The fizziness adds to the flavor experience and is very refreshing. In some hard seltzers the alcohol taste is readily apparent, while others have such a faint alcohol taste it is hardly noticeable. In the case of this beverage, you can definitely taste the alcohol, but it isn’t overwhelming.

A Real Treat

Perhaps the closest seltzer flavor on the market to real tangerine, Spiked Snowmelt Tangerine & Hops Craft Hard Seltzer is a refreshing taste experience. The combination of tangerine and hops is an interesting one that works out well. The hops are not too overbearing and blend well with the fruit flavor. Featuring great carbonation, this tangerine hard seltzer is a real treat. It is a perfect beverage for enjoying in the bright summer sunshine or in doors hiding from the cold during winter. While a bit higher in calories than some offerings, this hard seltzer is not overly sweet. Quite simply, this is an excellent tangerine drink that captures the best aspects of the exploding craft hard seltzer market.


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