White Claw Hard Seltzer Review: Tangerine

White Claw Tangerine Hard Seltzer

Rating: 95 Points

Calories: 100

Carbs: 2g

ABV: 5%

White Claw Tangerine Hard Seltzer is a Tangerine Dream

White Claw Tangerine Hard Seltzer

— In a world where complicated flavors are the norm, White Claw Tangerine Hard Seltzer is a breath of fresh air. It is quiet and resolute with its strong flavor doing all the talking. A sip of this citrusy seltzer and you can taste the orchards from which the tangerine was lovingly picked. You can smell the bales of hay and the flowers from neighboring fields. You can taste the honeysuckle and the goodness of the tangerine juice. Every bubble is zesty and each pop releases a burst of citrusy aroma. The singular flavor is its most stellar quality because it delivers exactly what it promises.

Sweet Citrus Flavor

White Claw Tangerine Hard Seltzer tastes exactly like a tangerine that was injected with just a touch of alcohol. Tangerine, which is the sweeter sibling of the orange, is less acidic and more sweet. And White Claw has nailed that taste difference in this hard seltzer. The flavor and perfume is undeniably citrus and is as sentimental as it is refreshing. There is no mineral type of after taste, and it is as smooth in your last sip as it is in your first. Its aroma is heady and is a sensual mix of floral and fruity with a dash of hay. If the perfume Happy by Clinique had a taste, it would be this spiked sparkling water. It’s authentic and natural tasting and you don’t sense any artificial flavoring that you might with other seltzers.

White Claw Tangerine Hard Seltzer Mimics The Mandarin

Absolut Mandarin is one of the most popular flavored Vodkas out there. And this tangerine hard seltzer tastes like a lighter version of Absolut Mandarin with a healthy splash of 7-Up. It’s also a great mixer and makes an amazing cocktail with vodka, Tequila or rum. It also works very well with some warm brandy and cinnamon and serves as a refreshing holiday aperitif. Unlike beer and ale, it is gluten free. And a modest 5% ABV allows more liquor to be added without making too potent of a cocktail. It also only has 2 grams of carbohydrates and its modest 100 calories makes it perfect for seconds. And to top it all off, its carbonation to flavor ratio is perfect.

A Top Flavor From a Top Brand

White Claw is arguably one of the top brands for spiked sparkling waters and White Claw Tangerine Hard Seltzer is one of the best we’ve reviewed. It tastes exactly how its advertised on the can. A tangerine hard seltzer where one sip feels like a bite of the actual fruit. It’s a well balanced drink that combines all the sweetness of a tangerine without the sugar and calories. It doesn’t taste artificial at all but instead is refreshing and universal. And unlike some other spiked seltzers, this one isn’t a complex mix of two or more flavors. Instead, it is a straightforward citrus-flavored seltzer which is so drinkable that it becomes an instant favorite. Its simplicity is its most charming quality and will certainly be the reason why it’s first to run out at your next party.


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