CANTEEN Vodka Soda Review: Pineapple

CANTEEN Pineapple Vodka Soda

Rating: 93 Points

Calories: 99

Carbs: 0g

ABV: 5%

CANTEEN Pineapple Vodka Soda Offers Near Perfect Pineapple Flavor

CANTEEN Pineapple Vodka Soda— Do you remember back when you were a kid and you tried dried fruit for the first time? The apples were kind of gooey and had a subtle flavor. Grapes when dried, of course become sweet raisins. Apricots are another sweet treat when dried. But the best of all the dried fruits was pineapple. The crisp outer crust of the dried fruit was ripe with crystalized natural sugars. Beneath the sugary outside, the inner core was soft and delectably sweet. Additionally, dried pineapple had just the right tang of citrus to balance the sweetness. Grab ahold of your hat and hang on tight, because now you can continue your love affair with the natural goodness of pineapple in an adult canned cocktail. CANTEEN Pineapple Vodka Soda is just what the doctor ordered on a hot sunny day.

Seductive Aroma

When you open your first can of CANTEEN Pineapple Vodka Soda, you are instantly treated to a sophisticated and lively aroma. This hard seltzer styled vodka soda drink’s flavorful scent bouquet sings of fresh cut pineapple. You can practically smell the juices seeping out of the luscious fruit. It is a divine and alluring fragrance. Once you take one whiff of the aroma, you will instantly be fixated on the bliss that will accompany tasting the sweet elixir. With a 5% alcohol by volume (ABV), this vodka soda packs an average punch. This spiked sparkling pineapple ready to drink cocktail has only 99 calories, 0 grams of total carbohydrates, and 0 grams of total sugars. You will even be delighted to know this vodka soda is also totally gluten free. Find more alluring flavors in our CANTEEN Vodka Soda Reviews category.

CANTEEN Pineapple Vodka Soda Refreshes

Once the seductive aroma of this CANTEEN Vodka Soda has sufficiently whetted your appetite, your first sip will be inspired. Made from vodka, carbonated water, and natural flavors, this hard soda has a taste that is uniquely true to its name. You can truly taste the pineapple and the vodka, in that order. With an average ABV, you can taste the alcohol without being overwhelmed by a boozy aftertaste. In fact, you might even consider mixing the cocktail with some additional vodka. The pineapple flavor is absolutely ideal for a summer beverage (although you could argue this is a great sparkling cocktail for any time of year). It is not too sweet. The flavor is crisp and highly refreshing.

Fantastic Carbonation

CANTEEN Pineapple Vodka Soda is a beverage you can enjoy however you choose. It is an ideal hard seltzer style drink for relaxing with after a hard day at work. It is also a great spiked sparkling water cocktail for a peaceful afternoon. If you pour this vodka soda over ice, you will notice a clear complexion and an ideal level of carbonation. The bubbles are vigorous and entertaining to watch. This vodka soda is not an overly potent drink with an ABV of 5%, but you can always liven up the party by mixing in additional vodka to taste. The most important thing about hard seltzers and ready to drink cocktails is taste. The pineapple flavor in this CANTEEN brand vodka cocktail is a near perfect portrait of the real fruit. If you still think fondly about when you first discovered the joyous taste of dried pineapple, then you should be eager to try this vodka soda.


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