Michelob Ultra Organic Seltzer Review: Peach Pear

Michelob Ultra Peach Pear Organic Hard Seltzer

Rating: 94 Points

Calories: 80

Carbs: 0g

ABV: 4%

Michelob Ultra Peach Pear Organic Seltzer Delights with Mixed Flavors

Michelob Ultra Peach Pear Organic Hard Seltzer— Have you ever been fruit picking in an orchard? The sun is shining. There is a rainbow in the sky reminding you of a rainstorm earlier in the day. In this atmosphere, there is something especially satisfying about pulling a piece of succulent fruit down off the overhanging branch of a nearby tree. Think of a fresh, ripe peach recently picked. Think of how the juicy goodness explodes in your mouth as your teeth break the barrier of the fruit’s skin. Next imagine the pulpy serene flavor of a fresh pear. Imagine the decadent juices running over your lips and down your chin. With the introduction of Michelob Ultra Peach Pear Organic Seltzer, you can now embrace those two fruit flavors together in an adult beverage that will have you thinking about life in an orchard.

Two Distinct Scents

When you crack the top on a can of this Michelob Ultra Organic Seltzer you will be greeted with the distinct and unmistakable fragrances of both divine fruits. Usually, a beverage that blends two flavors is heavier on one than the other. That is not the case with this particular spiked sparkling water. Upon opening, the first thing you will smell is peaches. Seconds later, you will also recognize the unforgettable scent of pears. The mashup of the two combined fragrances is even better. The combined smell of peaches and pears is very pleasing. It is also very tempting. Once the bouquet gets your anticipation up, you will not want to wait to taste this ingenious concoction of flavors. While Michelob may be known for their low-carb beer, if this peach and pear blend is any indication, the brand clearly knows how to do hard seltzer.

Michelob Ultra Peach Pear Organic Seltzer is Magic on The Palate

The taste of this Mich Ultra Seltzer is every bit as good as the fragrant bouquet would suggest. As with the very pleasant odor, you get the flavor sensation of both peaches and pears. The beverage engineers behind this offering do an excellent job of showcasing each of the fruit flavors individually. Then, the magic really happens as the taste evolves from two separate flavors into one mashup mix. This magically brilliant beverage is very light and crisp on the palate. The can reads “Refreshingly unexpected flavors” and it could not be a more spot-on description. Add a few adjectives like great and wonderful, and you’ll have a clear concept of what to expect upon trying this seltzer for yourself.

Balanced Flavor

Featuring truly great carbonation that tickle the nose enough to be fun, Michelob Ultra Peach Pear Organic Seltzer is hard to put down. Once you take one sip of this delicious blend, you’ll be hard pressed not to want another. The distinct flavors of peach and pear mix together that perfectly. The balance of the two flavors is remarkable. There is not too much or too little of either peach or pear flavor. With 4% alcohol by volume (ABV), this refreshing beverage is definitely easy going down. Gluten free and packing only 80 calories per can, this seltzer is one that can be enjoyed throughout the day or evening. This remarkably good organic seltzer could well become you instant favorite.


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