Bubly Sparkling Water Review: Mango


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Bubly Mango Sparkling Water Delivers A Tasty Experience

Bubly Mango Sparkling Water— There is nothing quite like a Central or South American vacation. The sun is warm, and you can feel your skin turning a lovely shade of tan. You sip exotic drinks on the beach, enjoying the sun and surf. And to eat you have the most luscious fruits in the world, most notably mangos. As you cut into the tasty fruit, you see the sweet juices erupting from within. They entice you to catch them with your tongue. And the flavor of those mangos is like nothing else on earth. It is a pale yet succulent taste that coats your tongue in essence and sends you on an emotional thrill ride. The true taste sensation of mangos on the beach is a memory that you will always treasure. And it is that taste that is captured in Bubly Mango Sparkling Water.

Tantalizing Aroma

When you open a can of Bubly Mango Sparkling Water you are instantly hit with a truly tantalizing aroma. The bouquet is very strong and will pull you in immediately. The seltzer drink smells exactly like a fresh cut mango that your mother might have served you in the kitchen. As alluring as the aroma is, the beverage surprisingly has 0 calories. Similarly, the drink has 0 grams total carbs and 0 grams total sugars. It is also gluten free. From its fresh and authentic aroma, this drink is sure to draw you in. When it comes to enjoying a sweet sunshine beverage, the mango sparkling water from Bubly fits the bill.

Bubly Mango Sparkling Water Flavor Is Just Right

As strong as the aroma is for this Bubly, the taste is surprisingly middle of the road in terms of strength. It is not too powerful, nor not to mild. The flavor is just right. And when it comes to flavor, this entrant into the sparkling water market is one of the more natural tasting options. It is well balanced and emotes a little sweetness on the tongue. The aftertaste lingers a bit longer than necessary, but it is a pleasant aftertaste with the same notes as the initial sip. Although mangos are not a citrus fruit, the flavor of this sparkling water beverage will be a hit with citrus fans. It is somewhat similar to apricot seltzer, but more low-key, less sour, and with more of an aftertaste.

Destined To Be A Favorite

There is no doubt about it, Bubly’s Mango is one of our favorites out of all the Bubly Sparkling Water Reviews we’ve done to date. It is a winning entrant in the seltzer and sparkling water market to be sure. The aroma of the zero-calorie beverage will draw you in as soon as you open the can, and the taste will catapult you into a world of your best memories enjoying fresh fruit flavors. There is nothing out of the ordinary with this beverage. It smells and tastes just the way you would expect a mango sparkling water should. Whether your favorite memories of eating mangos involves your mother’s kitchen or a South or Central American vacation, you will be instantly transported there in your mind as soon as you try this fruity, fulfilling beverage. Next time you are at the store, consider trying this non-alcoholic seltzer. You will be impressed.


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