Waterloo Sparkling Water Review: Lime

Waterloo Lime Sparkling Water

Rating: 70 Points

Waterloo Lime Sparkling Water Could Be Much Better

Waterloo Lime Sparkling Water— As you pop open the Waterloo Lime Sparkling Water cans and take a sip you’ll realize how uniquely flavored it is. It is completely different from the other lime sparkling waters out there. Different because the lime taste ,while completely rejuvenating, is a little non-limey. It’s strong and distinct but has more of a mint fragrance and taste rather than lime. One might even say it’s reminiscent of the spearmint chewing gum some had as children. Still, the minty flavor makes it a fantastic beverage to have as a pick me up. But it may not be to your liking if you’re a lover of citrus flavors. And its bold carbonation will definitely grab your attention.

No Hero But Still Zero

Waterloo Lime Sparkling Water also has zero calories, zero sugar, and zero sodium. It is approved for the Whole 30 diet and is proudly NON-GMO project verified. It’s kosher, gluten free, and completely free of all major allergens. There are no artificial chemicals in it nor does it have caffeine like the colas do. So you can at least rest assured that this sparkling water will not rob you of your beauty sleep. The cans are also made from BPA free lining so overall it’s a natural drink which is clean and fine for your heart and health. It has no strong mineral aftertaste and is simply a can of minty-lime bubbly water. It might actually serve as a good beverage to have with a heavy meal as the flavors might act as a breath freshener while also cleansing your palate.

Waterloo Lime Sparkling Water Could Still Save The Day As A Mixer

This drink makes a good ingredient for a leaner version of a mojito or Caipiroska. It might also be a great accompaniment to some tequila with a squeeze of lemon. Perhaps it would even pair wonderfully with gin and cucumbers to make a fancy cocktail or a skinny mint julep. One could also add it to fruit juices to lessen the calories but without losing their fruity taste. Another devilishly clever idea we had was to try it in our sangria to make a summer delight wine cooler. Maybe even try making minty-lime ice cube to use in your favorite cocktails at your next party.

Lots Of Bubbles But Little Lime

We like the retro themed cans Waterloo Sparkling Water uses but didn’t like much else with this particular flavor. The bubbles are feisty and will definitely infuse your day with a wave of effervescence. But the fun pretty much stops there. However, as we stated, it could certainly be a useful drink as a mixer. And at a minimum, it’s still a viable option to beat that summer heat and stay hydrated without consuming extra calories. So if you are a traditional lime enthusiast then this lime flavored sparkling water is probably not for you. But if you’re looking at a bold seltzer that wakes you up and is perhaps lime-adjacent or minty, then this might be one to try.


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