LaCroix Sparkling Water Review: Apricot

LaCroix Apricot Sparkling Water

Rating: 91 Points

Mix Things Up With A LaCroix Apricot Sparkling Water

LaCroix Apricot Sparkling Water— Apricots are an interesting fruit. The most common species of apricot hailed from Armenia during ancient times. However, genetic studies show that the apricot originated in Central Asia and China. Regardless, the apricot is the national fruit of Armenia. In a 100 gram serving, apricots offer 48 calories and are 86% water. They are a moderate source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Similar in composition to a peach, apricots are smaller and have a slightly tarter taste. They also share characteristics with cherries, plumbs, and nectarines. They are commonly referred to as “stone fruits” because their seeds are enclosed in stone-like pits. When it comes to capturing the essence of the apricot flavor experience, LaCroix Apricot Sparkling Water is right on the money.

Simple Bouquet

When you pull a can of LaCroix Apricot Sparkling Water out of the refrigerator to consume, you will be taken by the funny looking packaging. Decorated in bright contrasting colors, the LaCroix can is actually reminiscent of an Andre Agassi tennis shirt from the 1980s. Once you open the can, there is not much of a bouquet. The aroma is light and almost nonexistent. The lack of a pleasant and enticing aroma, might even make one hesitant to try this one, but it is recommended that you do try it. The beverage has 0 calories, 0 grams of total carbs, and 0 grams of total sugars – so it is a guilt-free beverage that you can enjoy any time of day. It is also gluten free like all other flavors featured in our LaCroix Sparkling Water Reviews.

LaCroix Apricot Sparkling Water Has Bold Flavor

While the almost nonexistent bouquet of this LaCroix apricot flavored water might make you expect a less than impressive flavor, you would be sorely wrong. In fact, surprisingly the drink has a bold, interesting flavor. It is a very unique flavor that seems true to what an apricot should naturally taste like. Not only will you enjoy this drink from the moment it touches your lips and caresses your tongue, this particular beverage has the cleanest finish of any seltzer on the market today. There is absolutely no aftertaste, which is unique for a beverage with such a strong and luscious flavor. The only slight negative to the taste experience is that tartness to sweetness ratio sides on the sour side. It is definitely not a sweet beverage. As such, it might not be a best bet for a rookie seltzer drinker.

Excellent Mixer

The true test of a nonalcoholic seltzer is if it can be refreshing first thing in the morning. LaCroix Apricot Sparkling Water is the perfect beverage option for breakfast or brunch. It can also be pleasant in the afternoon or evening. Also worth noting, this sparkling water serves as an excellent mixer for adult beverages. Overall, this offering from LaCroix is light on fragrance, but strong on flavor. Although it is not terribly sweet, this seltzer offers an authentic flavor and zero aftertaste. If you are looking for a great seltzer that can even be enjoyed any time of day from morning to night, you will be satisfied with this entrant into the market.


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