CoreBev Canned Cocktail Review: Moonlight Barista Nitro Espresso Martini


CoreBev Moonlight Barista Nitro Espresso MartiniCoreBev Moonlight Barista Nitro Espresso Martini Packs a Punch

There is something truly wonderful about an espresso martini, isn’t there? The cocktail embodies the best of both worlds. The taste of natural espresso beans offers an uplifting experience reminiscent of morning time. The delicious sweetness of a cocktail helps you relax in the evening. It all combines for a timeless cocktail. There is no wonder why it is one of the most beloved alcoholic drinks. The CoreBev Moonlight Barista Nitro Espresso Martini delivers the delicious and pleasant taste and aroma of an espresso martini to the world of canned cocktails. In this review, we discuss the intriguing and delicious experience that this ready-to-drink cocktail by CoreBev provides for espresso enthusiasts.

An Excellent Alcoholic Drink for Espresso Lovers

When you open a can of CoreBev Moonlight Barista Nitro Espresso Martini, you will notice the delicious smell of fresh espresso before anything else. The invigorating flavor of coffee greets you as soon as you take your first sip. The rich flavor of the cocktail is exactly what you expect based on the cocktail’s aroma. Specifically, you will experience an authentic taste of espresso. The flavor is sweet, although noticeably less sweet than fruit-inspired cocktails. We anticipate a strong taste of alcohol, given this cocktail has an alcohol content of 15.5% ABV. However, the alcohol taste is minimal, and the coffee flavor really takes center stage. 

A Powerful Martini With a High Alcohol Content

CoreBev makes its Moonlight Barista Nitro Espresso Martini with gluten-free American corn vodka and espresso roast cold brew coffee. It is accented with a hint of vanilla as well. The drinks come in 6.8 oz cans. These little canned cocktails pack an incredible punch. As we said previously, these cocktails feature a whopping 15.5% ABV, far more than the average canned cocktail. Despite the higher alcohol content, CoreBev has somehow found a way to keep the alcohol taste to a minimum, primarily featuring coffee flavor with a dash of vanilla. This all combines for a delicious (yet incredibly potent) canned cocktail. Unfortunately, we were not able to find how many calories or carbs are in each can. 

A Unique Coffee-Inspired Option That We Highly Recommend

If you enjoy the flavor of espresso, then you will love the CoreBev Moonlight Barista Nitro Espresso Martini. The canned cocktail went home with both a Platinum Medal and the award for Best High ABV at the Seltzer Nation Awards 2023. The taste is simply incredible. The alcohol is strong, however, although the taste of alcohol is minimal. Please be mindful while drinking. As echoed throughout this review, it goes without saying that we genuinely loved everything about this canned cocktail by CoreBev. From the aroma that greets you right away to the nice aftertaste, this cocktail provides a great experience that we highly recommend. It is particularly an ideal choice for those who love the taste of espresso and want to try a unique option that is different from the often sweet, fruity canned cocktails that are far more common. 

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