Bravago Hard Seltzer Review: Chill Out Rainier Cherry

Bravago Rainier Cherry Hard Seltzer Featured

Bravago “Chill Out” Rainier Cherry Hard SeltzerBravago “Chill Out” Rainier Cherry Hard Seltzer Encourages You to Enjoy Life

Life can be too serious. It’s often the same routine. Work. Sleep. Repeat. That’s where hard seltzers come in. Hard seltzers are intended to be fun. They should be filled with excitement and energy. Perhaps the best thing about the Bravago “Chill Out” Rainier Cherry Hard Seltzer is that it captures the true essence of what a hard seltzer should be — fun and exciting. Everything from the sweet cherry taste to the fun branding makes this an intriguing option to try. Even the name “Chill Out” encourages you not to take life so seriously. In this review, we discuss our overall experience with this hard seltzer, highlighting its taste, ingredients, and overall vibe.

A Sweet Flavor Similar to Cherry Bubble Gum

As soon as you open a can of Bravago “Chill Out”  Rainier Cherry Hard Seltzer, a strong cherry bubble gum fragrance greets you. The hard seltzer pours out clear, which makes it ideal for pouring into a glass over ice. It’s immediately apparent that the carbonation is on the low side, but the taste is excellent. This drink tastes exactly like it smells (cherry bubble gum). It is on the sweet side, but we don’t feel it is too sweet. There is a taste of sugar, although there are only two grams of sugar per can. Thus, it does not taste as authentic as we might have hoped due to the sugary taste. Nevertheless, it is certainly delicious. We notice a bit of an aftertaste as well, presumably from the monk fruit.

A Fun Hard Seltzer With Nice Branding and Short Cans

Bravago makes its Rainier Cherry Hard Seltzer with purified carbonated water, alcohol from cane sugar, natural flavors, cane sugar, citric acid, sodium citrate, and monk fruit extract. It contains 5.1% alcohol by volume, meaning you should expect a slight booziness and consume it responsibly. There are 120 calories per can. Each can contains four grams of carbs total, two grams of which come from sugar. This hard seltzer by Bravago is gluten-free. For the design, the cans are fun, short, and have nice branding. They give off a masculine vibe. However, this does not traditionally match the flavor profile. 

A Delicious and Fun Hard Seltzer Great for Any Occasion

Overall, this is a delightful hard seltzer flavor with plenty of sweetness. If you primarily want exciting, fun, and delicious flavors, then this is one that we recommend giving a try. However, the sweetness is not for everyone, and some may find that this drink tastes more similar to hard sodas than seltzers. Again, we found it to be similar to cherry bubble gum. Nevertheless, this was an enjoyable hard seltzer overall. The Bravago Hard Seltzer Rainier Cherry is nice to drink directly out of the can or in a glass filled with ice. It has a fun and relaxed branding and vibe that makes it great for drinking with friends or while “chilling out” with your family after work. 

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