Bravago Hard Seltzer Review: Vanilla & Orange Cream

Bravago Hard Seltzer Vanilla & Orange Cream

Bravago Hard Seltzer Vanilla & Orange CreamBravago “Sweet Freak” Vanilla & Orange Cream Hard Seltzer Tastes Like an Orange Creamsicle

Do you remember the delicious taste of orange creamsicles after a long summer day when you were a kid? Vanilla and orange cream is a classic flavor combination that is beloved by so many. From creamsicles to Orange Juliuses to orange cream sodas, this flavor combination is good in so many forms. Now, with the Bravago Hard Seltzer Vanilla and Orange Cream hard seltzer, you can enjoy the deliciousness of these flavors with your alcoholic beverage as well. Due to our love for these flavors, along with the well-respected reputation of Bravago hard seltzers, we decided to give this hard seltzer a try. We have compiled a detailed review of our experience, highlighting the taste, aroma, ingredients, and overall vibe this hard seltzer offers. 

Spot on Orange Vanilla Cream Flavor

What stands out the most about Bravago “Sweet Freak” Vanilla & Orange Cream Hard Seltzer is how much it tastes like an orange creamsicle. The orange cream and vanilla are both strong and accurate. You also can’t taste the alcohol, which is always a major plus in a fruit-forward hard seltzer. There is some sweetness from the sugar, orange, and vanilla flavors. However, this hard seltzer is not overly sweet. The monk fruit aftertaste is prominent as well. We also appreciated the pleasing aroma this hard seltzer provides. It smells just like an orange creamsicle, which serves as a nice preview of the accurate taste that is to follow. The low level of carbonation is one of the only negative aspects we note about this hard seltzer. There are some bubbles stemming from the carbonated water, but we are underwhelmed with the total amount of fizz. That said, the excellent and accurate flavor makes up for the lack of carbonation. 

5.1% Alcohol, Derived From Cane Sugar

The Bravago Hard Seltzer Vanilla and Orange Cream is made with 5.1% alcohol by volume. The alcohol comes from cane sugar. The ingredients for this hard seltzer by Bravago include purified carbonated water, alcohol (from cane sugar), natural flavors, citric acid, sodium citrate, and monk fruit extract. There is very little sugar, although there is some. In total, there are two grams of sugar and three grams of carbs overall. This hard seltzer is gluten-free and contains 110 calories total per can. 

A Great Hard Seltzer Option for Social Occasions

What is not to love about orange vanilla cream? The flavor is spot on with a minimal alcohol taste. Although it has a low level of carbonation, this hard seltzer checks all other boxes. Overall, we recommend this hard seltzer. It has an excellent flavor that just about everyone will love. In other words, this is far from a niche flavor. The popularity and general love for orange vanilla cream make this perfect to serve on any occasion. Although, we must warn you; your guests are likely to snatch these up quickly if you serve them at social gatherings. Therefore, you might want to store a few extra ones in the back of your fridge. 

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