CoreBev The Cocktail Chemist Canned Cocktail Review: Something Good

CoreBev The Cocktail Chemist Something Good

CoreBev The Cocktail Chemist Something GoodCoreBev The Cocktail Chemist “Something Good” Tastes Like a Flowery Lemon Drop

There is nothing like the refreshing taste of a lemon drop cocktail on a hot summer day. Imagine sitting poolside with your friends and loved ones enjoying the fresh taste while you allow all of your stresses to melt away. CoreBev The Cocktail Chemist Something Good offers a sweet and floral twist to the classic lemon-inspired cocktail. It also boasts a much stronger alcohol content (10%), which is ideal for those who seek a boozier experience. These canned cocktails by CoreBev offer a unique flavor that combines the flowery taste of elderflower with a classic lemon flavor. In this review, we discuss our experience taste testing this canned cocktail.

A Traditional Vodka Lemonade with a Twist

The “Something Good” cocktail by CoreBev is highly reminiscent of a traditional vodka lemonade. The elderflower and violet notes are certainly present with this one. The best way to describe the taste is like a flowery lemon drop. The cane sugar is authentic and strong as well. Additionally, there is seemingly no aftertaste. It is incredibly strong, with an alcohol content of 10% ABV; this makes it far stronger than the average canned cocktail. The branding is on point for how this drink tastes, and it is exactly as the can says — a floral vodka lemonade. Overall, it is a sweet, floral beverage that does not disappoint if you are searching for a combination of high alcohol content and strong flavor.

A Strong RTD Cocktail That Features 10% Alcohol by Volume

CoreBev The Cocktail Chemist Something Good is made with American corn vodka and fresh lemonade. There are also notes of violet and elderflower as well. When combined, it creates a flowery experience that also features the delicious taste of lemon. The cocktail comes in 6.8 oz (approx.) cans. For the alcohol content, you can expect a heavier beverage. As mentioned, the alcohol volume is 10%, which is enough for most adults to feel a buzz after as little as one small can. You will notice a cloudy, pale yellow color that is similar to lemonade. This is also a gluten-free option, so it is ideal for those who are on a gluten-free diet and/or have gluten sensitivities.

A Sweet, Floral, and Strong Canned Cocktail

CoreBev The Cocktail Chemist Something Good is sweet and very floral. If you want a nice twist to your vodka lemonade, then this is a great beverage to try. It is floral, but we never felt as if it was overly perfumy. We recommend pouring this over ice for a delicious, chilled taste. You can also shake it into a glass for a nice cocktail experience as well. Although it is enjoyable directly out of the can, we do not recommend it this way. The alcohol is certainly strong, which consumers should be mindful of before (and while) they drink.

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