Big Country Hard Seltzer Review: Blackberry & Grapefruit

Big Country Hard Seltzer Review Blackberry & Grapefruit Featured-2

Big Country Hard Seltzer Review Blackberry & GrapefruitBig Country Blackberry & Grapefruit Organic Hard Seltzer has a Distinct Finish

Blackberry and grapefruit are both dominant flavors that enhance any drink to which they are added. Since they are so powerful on their own, you do not often see them together. In a sense, it is like adding two “A-list actors” into the same movie; it simply has to be great, right? Well, Big Country decided to add both of these flavors into one of its organic hard seltzers, making for an intriguing flavor combination that we knew we had to try. In this review, we discuss how these two powerful flavors combine to make for a nice, flavorful hard seltzer that is great for any occasion. 

A Strong and Delicious Grapefruit Flavor with Every Sip

Big Country Blackberry & Grapefruit Organic Hard Seltzer offers a fresh and clean taste that is driven by the blackberry and grapefruit. However, the blackberry is far more noticeable than the grapefruit. In some moments, it hardly seems as if the grapefruit is there at all. At other times, it is easy to pick up on the grapefruit flavor. There is hardly any alcohol taste with this hard seltzer. The aftertaste is just as good as the sip itself. There is something distinct about the finish that really makes this hard seltzer memorable. Our only criticism is that the carbonation is on the low side. We feel it lacks the liveliness that many desire from a hard seltzer. Nevertheless, Big Country Blackberry and Grapefruit Organic Hard Seltzer provides an excellent berry flavor with a noticeably delicious finish to every sip.

Low Calorie, No Sugar, Gluten-Free, and Only 4.5% ABV

Big Country Blackberry and Grapefruit Organic Hard Seltzer contains purified water, organic alcohol that is fermented with Big Country organic sugar, organic citric acid, and organic flavors. You can enjoy a lighter alcohol experience. In fact, this hard seltzer only contains 4.5% alcohol by volume. Additionally, the calories are also light, containing only 90 calories per can. And that is not all; there is also no sugar and only one gram of carbs in total for each can. Lastly, you can appreciate the fact that this hard seltzer by Big Country is made without using gluten. 

A Powerful Flavor That You Will Remember and Appreciate

We really enjoyed Big Country Blackberry and Grapefruit Organic Hard Seltzer. This hard seltzer not only took home a Gold Medal at the Seltzer Nation Awards 2023, but it also won the “Best Organic” award. The blackberry, in particular, was excellent. Although there were only subtle traces of the grapefruit, we enjoyed its flavor notes as well. It is a lighter option with only 4.5% ABV and 90 calories, which keeps you from feeling guilty if you are watching your calories or alcohol consumption. Overall, we certainly recommend this hard seltzer. It is great for any occasion. Whether you are hosting a summer get-together or are drinking with your significant other during a home movie night, this is a great choice to pull out of the fridge.

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