All New Modelo Spiked Aguas Frescas

Modelo Spiked Aguas Frescas

Modelo Spiked Aguas Frescas Spiked Malt Beverages

2023 is an exciting year for fans of canned cocktails and hard seltzers. Every week, we see new products from beverage brands within the canned cocktail industry and without. Popular brands from the soda, juice, and energy drink industries have all launched ready-to-drink cocktail products. As of April 2023, popular beer brand Modelo has also launched a new line of spiked malt beverages named Modelo Spiked Aguas Frescas — but there is a catch. The only place these products are available is in Las Vegas. Wait! Don’t get upset quite yet. This limited release, thankfully, is only temporary. What launched in Vegas isn’t going to stay only in Vegas.

Four Delicious Flavors

According to an emailed press release, Modelo Spiked Aguas Frescas “celebrate the bold, fruit-forward taste of authentic aguas frescas found in Mexican street markets.” The drinks come in four flavors, Piña or Pineapple, Flor de Jamaica or Hibiscus, Sandía or Watermelon, and Pepino y Limón or Cucumber-Lime. The press release describes the Pineapple flavor as “juicy” and “balanced.” The Hibiscus flavor is “a sweet, floral flavor that contains fruit notes with a slight tartness.” According to the press release, the flavor Watermelon is “sweet,” “refreshing,” and “indulgent.” Last but not least, Cucumber-Lime is “a crisp flavor that combines notes of cucumber with sweet and zesty lime.”

Everything We Know

Modelo Spiked Aguas Frescas Spiked Malt Beverages

Modelo Spiked Aguas Frescas are available now in flavor-variety 12-packs. The only place you can buy them at present, unfortunately, is Las Vegas. However, as we said earlier, that’s not the only place they will be available. The brand plans to expand nationwide in 2024. These drinks contain between 171-197 calories per 12 oz can. Each can contains 20-25 grams of sugar. According to the brand’s website, “Modelo Spiked Aguas Frescas are made with a splash of real fruit juice and lightly carbonated to deliver a perfect balance of sweetness.” According to the emailed press release, these spiked malt beverages <0.5% carbonation, giving them a smooth drinking experience. The alcohol content of these aguas frescas is 4.5% ABV.

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