BeatBox Green Apple is Available Nationwide

BeatBox Green Apple

BeatBox Beverages Introduces a New Green Apple Flavor

Beatbox is a brand synonymous with the music scene. Its core fanbase is made up of music lovers and festival-goers. It proudly boasts that it is “The World’s Tastiest Party Punch.” The innovative ready-to-drink cocktails are made non-carbonated. They’re a wine-based punch that comes in 16.9-ounce boxes. On top of that, they’re high-alcohol (11.1% ABV, yikes!) and inexpensive ($3.99). It’s no wonder that they’re so popular with millennials and legal-age Gen Z drinkers. Well, the Beatbox party punch lineup has just gained a new member because the brand just launched a brand new flavor, Green Apple.

Beatbox Green AppleZech Francis, VP of Global Marketing for BeatBox states, “BeatBox stands out because we really listen to our core consumers. We’ve heard from them at festivals, retail stores, sporting events, and on social media that they wanted a Green Apple flavor. So, we made it happen. Our new BeatBox Green Apple is the perfect mix of tart and sweet. Plus, it keeps all the great features of BeatBox – it’s resealable, recyclable, non-carbonated, and has a strong 11.1% alcohol content. It’s not just a new flavor, it’s a big step forward for us.”

The Details

Like all Beatbox 11.1% ABV Party Punches, these drinks contain 100 Calories, 6 grams of carbs, and 6 grams of sugar per 5 oz serving. This new flavor promises to be sweet and tart with green apple’s characteristic pucker. This new drop is the ninth flavor in the Party Punch lineup along with a variety pack and Hard Tea flavor. Green Apple is the first flavor to enjoy the brand’s new package redesign that will be rolling out in 2024.

Green Apple is already in 22,000 retail locations nationwide. BeatBox is booming in 2023, boasting a 160% revenue increase and millions of cases sold to retailers. BeatBox Beverages originated in Austin, TX in 2012. It hit the jackpot on Shark Tank in 2014, scoring a million-dollar deal with Mark Cuban. Since then, they’ve grown to a $200 million valuation, spreading their “world’s tastiest party punch” nationwide. With 9 flavors, including the latest Green Apple, it has evolved from its Austin roots into a millennial and Gen Z sensation. Beatbox appeals to Millennials and Gen Z drinkers with its music-centric approach and engaging social media presence. The company’s mission revolves around bringing the party to the alcohol industry. The brand is focused on giving fans a fun and nostalgic product that has a focus on sustainability with its resealable package.

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