Avril Lavigne Promotes BeatBox Pink Lemonade


Avril Lavigne Partners with Shark Tank’s BeatBox, Presenting Pink Lemonade Ready-to-Drink Cocktails

If you were a teenager in the early 2000s, Avril Lavigne more than likely got you through a few rough nights. The eight-time Grammy Award-nominated Canadian pop icon sang about crushes, dysfunctional relationships, and longing for those who’ve left us behind. And she sang it all with a defiant attitude that we Millennial teenagers couldn’t help singing (or screaming) along to. Well, Avril is singing to a new generation now, coming out with new hits featuring pop and rap superstars YUNGBLUD, Machine Gun Kelly, and Nicki Minaj. Avril also has a tradition that makes her the perfect spokesperson for the popular ready-to-drink cocktail brand BeatBox Beverages. She drinks a BeatBox before every studio session. Avril Lavigne has partnered with BeatBox in the brand’s “Creator Series,” representing the popular Pink Lemonade flavor.

“From the moment Avril told our team how she drinks a BeatBox before every studio session we knew this was a perfect fit for our growing Creator Series,” says Zech Francis, VP of Global Marketing for BeatBox, in an April 2023 press release. “The BeatBox Creator Series is where we partner with world renowned musicians like Avril Lavigne, as well as other large influencers and brands, to bring exciting new flavors and collectible packaging to our 45,000+ retail locations.”

What is So Special About BeatBox?

BeatBox Beverages came out with a bang when the brand debuted on Shark Tank in 2014, taking home one of the biggest offers of the show, one million dollars for a third of the BeatBox company, from celebrity businessman Mark Cuban. Since then, the brand has started distributing its products, which it calls “the world’s tastiest party punch,” nationwide and has a valuation of $200 million. The wine-based boxed drinks are available individually or in flavor-variety 6-packs. The boxes are 500 ml (approx. 16.9 oz) and contain two servings. BeatBox comes in 9 flavors, including Fruit Punch, Juicy Mango, and Blue Razzberry. However, these drinks aren’t for those with a low tolerance to alcohol. The alcohol content is 11.1% ABV. Meaning one box is roughly equivalent to three and a half glasses of high-ABV wine.

BeatBox Creator Series Pink Lemonade

According to the April 2023 Press Release, the Avril Lavigne special-edition Pink Lemonade packaging will be available nationwide. Consumers will also get a chance to win exclusive signed Avril swag and a chance to meet the superstar in person.

“The partnership with BeatBox felt right from the start,” says Avril Lavigne. “I have never come across a brand that was as committed to providing their fans with a truly memorable experience, specifically pegged to music, than the BeatBox Team. Every facet of the collaboration, down to my involvement with the design of the package itself, felt authentic and true to me. I am excited for people to see the new packaging, and let us know what you think!”

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