Truly Hard Seltzer Unruly Pack with 8% ABV

Truly Hard Seltzer Unruly Pack

Truly is Ready to Turn It Up!

Truly Unruly PackThe nonalcoholic craze isn’t for everyone. While the #1 selling hard seltzer, White Claw, just made headlines for releasing a 0% ABV Hard Seltzer Pack, the #2 hard seltzer in the business is taking a very different approach. Truly Hard Seltzer, a brand known for its wide array of flavors from Black Cherry to Hot Wings (LTO), is releasing a high-ABV pack with four new flavors. This pack is for those drinkers who think 5% doesn’t have enough kick, the Truly Unruly Pack comes in at a whopping 8% ABV.

“Who knew you could fit this much fun, flavor, and refreshment into one case of seltzer?” The brand’s website states. “Well, we did… but now you do, too! With 8% ABV and four delicious flavors, it’s time to pick up a pack and get Unruly.

Four Flavor Combinations

The Unruly Pack comes with four flavors, Strawberry Splash, Tropical Twist, Berry Blast, and Citrus Crush. These drinks contain 4% real fruit juice and do not have stevia. We repeat: they do not have stevia in them. The calorie, carb, and sugar content of these new flavors are quite a bit higher than Truly’s standard. Each 12 oz serving has 180 calories and 7 grams of carbs. The sugar contents range from 4-5 grams per serving. Like all Truly Hard Seltzer flavors, these hard seltzers are also gluten-free.

As for what the flavors taste like, the brand’s website gives some quippy descriptions:

Strawberry Smash – Lots of people ask how we get so much perfectly ripe, endlessly drinkable strawberry flavor into each can. And the honest truth is, we spend all day and night smashing as much juicy goodness in as we possibly can. Which explains the name.

Tropical Twist – This is our twist on a traditional tropical seltzer. It’s just way stronger, juicier, more refreshing, funner, more delicious, bigger, bolder, brasher, lighter, more-anything-and-everything-you-can-possibly-think-of-er. So yeah. Nothing crazy.

Berry Blast – Imagine getting blasted by a confetti cannon, but the confetti is made of juicy, refreshing berries, and also there’s an impromptu conga line going on behind you. That’s basically what drinking Berry Blast is like.

Citrus Crush – Legally, we can’t claim we crush every piece of citrus fruit in each Citrus Crush with a comically-oversized mallet to extract the deliciously tart, refreshing flavor before canning them for your drinking pleasure… but the actual process isn’t too far off.

Everything We Know

The Truly Unruly Pack releases nationwide in March 2023. While the brand already has the drinks listed on its website, it might be a few weeks before you see these packs on the shelves of your local liquor store. While all four flavors are available in the flavor-variety 12-pack, two flavors, Strawberry Smash and Tropical Twist, will also be available in single-serve 16-ounce tall-cans. Just be careful, a 16-ounce tall-can has an amount of alcohol roughly equivalent to three shots of 80-proof liquor. Please always drink responsibly.

Want to find your perfect hard seltzer or canned cocktail? Try our Seltzer Finder! You can search by flavor, ABV, carbs, and more to discover your ideal beverage.


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