There’s a 2022 Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar (and a Canned Cocktail One Too!)

2022 Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar

There’s a Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar (and a Canned Cocktail One Too!)

On the first day of Christmas, my bestie gave to me… Citrus Squeeze Truly. We may not be much of singers here at Seltzer Nation, but we sure have news that makes us want to break out in song. An alcohol gift-giving site,, is selling a hard seltzer advent calendar this holiday season. They might be selling these as a gift, but we give you full permission to “give” one of these to yourself. It’s been a long year. You deserve it. What you’ll be getting is twelve days of hard seltzer leading up to Christmas (or whichever holiday you celebrate). And we have even bigger news for all the real-spirits fans out there. is also selling a ready-to-drink-canned cocktail version of its advent calendar. According to, these hard seltzers and canned cocktails are the “Best of 2022”.

12 Days of Hard Seltzer

2022 Hard Seltzer Advent CalendarWhile the website says that the flavors will be a surprise, the images of the 2022 Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar hints at some fantastic flavors. Among the twelve days of seltzer images is Truly Citrus Squeeze which our testers call “a bounty of citrus.” Another favorite pictured is White Claw Tropical Pomelo Smash. Our testers call this one “a fun citrus summer drink.”  This advent calendar also could include Seltzer Nation favorites Funky Buddha Exotic Passionfruit DragonfruitMichelob ULTRA Berry Hibiscus, Mighty Swell Pink Colada, and Vizzy Kiwi Watermelon. According to the website, the advent calendar comes with each flavor hidden behind a numbered door.

The website states, “We don’t want to give away the surprise, but you can rest assured that the seltzers included have been hand-selected to include a variety of brands and flavors from across the US that actually taste good!”

What About the 12 Days of Canned Cocktails?

Canned Cocktail Advent CalendarDon’t worry, canned cocktail fans; we haven’t forgotten you. The alcohol gifting website also has a Canned Cocktail Advent Calendar teasing an impressive lineup. Among the cocktails shown are High Noon Black Cherry, Truly Vodka Soda Blackberry and Lemon, The Finnish Long Drink, and many more. Don’t get your heart set on any one cocktail, however, as the website promises that you can “count on being surprised with the best assortment of boozy beverages from premier brands like Truly, Ketel One, Bacardi, Absolut and more!”

The Details

These boozy advent calendars are available now. The website states that after ordering, it takes about two days to ship the products. However, products will be shipping out seven days a week, leading to the holidays. The Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar retails at $59 for a 12-pack. Unfortunately, as is often the case, the Canned Cocktail Advent Calendar is more expensive at $79 for a 12-pack. Due to state liquor laws, the advent calendars ship to every state except Arkansas, Alabama, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Utah. You can order both the Canned Cocktail Advent Calendar and the Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar at

Want to find your perfect hard seltzer or canned cocktail? Try our new Seltzer Finder! You can search by flavor, ABV, carbs, and more to discover your ideal beverage.


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