The Best White Claw Hard Seltzer Flavors

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The Best White Claw Hard Seltzer Flavors

White Claw is probably the most recognizable name in the hard seltzer category. Since its launch in 2016, the brand has enjoyed enormous success, enjoying the top spot in a sixteen-billion-dollar market (that is steadily growing). White Claw gained its top position in large part due to social media and social media influencers. The market was hot for low-cal alternatives to beer, and hashtags like #clawlife showed thirsty drinkers that there was such an alternative, and it was tasty and trendy. The brand started off with six flavors, but its flavor selection has grown to offer twenty-eight flavors. We have tested every flavor in its selection, and we’re back to tell you the ten best White Claw Hard Seltzer flavors.


Best White Claw Flavors: #10 Raspberry

We’ll start off with Raspberry in 10th place. White Claw Raspberry Hard Seltzer is a solid flavor that would be perfect for a Sunday morning brunch or an afternoon picnic. It tastes delicious from the first sip to the last, even seeming to get better as you drink. This drink tastes as authentic as if raspberries were squeezed into this hard seltzer. And the level of carbonation in this drink creates a perfect balance with the berry flavor. Overall, we recommend this hard seltzer for anytime you want a slightly sweet drink with a delightful fizz.

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Best White Claw Flavors: #9 Blood Orange with a hint of Raspberry

Our ninth-place choice is part of White Claw’s Refreshr Pack. The Refreshr line of flavors are lemonades with added flavor accompaniments. The only flavor in this pack to make it into our top ten is Blood Orange with a Hint of Black Raspberry. This is a good, solid flavor that pairs very well with the lemonade base. Each sip is a citrus blast of lemon and blood orange. The black raspberry flavor comes through after, giving this hard seltzer a nice, well-rounded taste. This was an excellent flavor that was the best tasting of the White Claw Refreshr Pack.

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Best White Claw Flavors: #8 Tropical Pomelo Smash

White Claw Surf Pack came out earlier this year, and the pack contained some winners. In our eighth place, we have White Claw Surf Tropical Pomelo Smash. This is a full-flavor option that tastes very similar in flavor to a grapefruit drink. This hard seltzer has a clean and crisp grapefruit aroma as well. Beyond the grapefruit, this drink has a citrusy, tropical vibe that reminds you of days at the beach. It’s a fun, summery citrus drink. This is a nice and refreshing choice, especially if you enjoy citrus flavors.

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Best White Claw Flavors: #7 Mango

In our seventh place, we have White Claw Mango, which does a great job of capturing an authentic mango flavor. It’s light and crisp with a high level of carbonation. Halfway through, you can taste traces of the tang of the alcohol, but it’s minor. There’s a little pucker to this one, just like a real mango. This hard seltzer finishes clean with no aftertaste.

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White Claw Lemon

Best White Claw Flavors: #6 Lemon

Our sixth place goes out to all of the citrus lovers out there. As soon as you pop open a can of White Claw Lemon Hard Seltzer, you can smell the clean, fresh aroma of this lemon hard seltzer. Take a sip, and you can immediately taste the slightly sweet lemon flavor. It almost tastes like a Sprite but without all of the sugar content. It’s not an overpowering flavor. Instead, this lemon hard seltzer is well-balanced. The carbonation is also at just the right amount, not too much like a soda, while not too flat. If you love citrus, this is the perfect choice for you!

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Best White Claw Flavors: #5 Wildberry Acai Smash

Our fifth choice is also from the White Claw Surf Pack. Wildberry Acai Smash has a sweet berry taste that brings to mind raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and even more berries. It has a sweet aroma of dark berries. Take a sip, and the puckery goodness pops in your mouth. This is a full-flavor hard seltzer with a high level of carbonation. It tastes a little like grape juice with other berry flavors mixed in. If you’re a berry fan, you won’t want to miss this delicious hard seltzer.

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Best White Claw Flavors: #4 Watermelon Lime Smash

The fourth-ranking flavor in our line-up is White Claw Surf Watermelon Lime Smash. This one tastes as sweet as watermelon hard candies. The watermelon is definitely the dominant flavor in this, the lime coming in second and much more subtly. It’s a sweet drink, which comes as a bit of a surprise as there is only 1 gram of sugar in this one. When we say it is a sweet drink that reminds us of candy, that’s not to say it’s overly sweet or artificial tasting. It’s not. These hard seltzers simply capture the sweetness of the watermelon and lime flavors perfectly. This flavor screams “summertime favorite.”

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Best White Claw Flavors: #3 White Claw Watermelon

This might sound like a repeat of our fourth-place selection (Watermelon Lime Smash). However, our testers ranked White Claw Watermelon just a tiny bit higher. This watermelon flavor couldn’t get more authentic even if you added the actual fruit. It has a very high carbonation level. This seltzer manages to be as sweet as a Jolly Rancher with one gram of sugar in it.

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Best White Claw Flavors: #2 Pineapple

In our second place, we have White Claw Pineapple. This one has a delicious, light taste that can be best described as crisp and refreshing. It has a high level of carbonation, and the fizz leaves a tingling sensation on your tongue. While not overly strong, the pineapple flavor tastes authentic and delicious. Pineapple drinks can easily turn out to be overly sweet, but this is not the case with White Claw Pineapple Hard Seltzer. Instead, this flavor is delicious and well-balanced.

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Best White Claw Flavors: #1 White Claw Tangerine

In our first place, we have a less traditional flavor, tangerine. Pop open a can of White Claw Tangerine Hard Seltzer, and a sweet citrus aroma rises from the liquid. When you take a sip, it’s like biting into a tangerine (the taste is that natural and authentic). This hard seltzer has a good ratio of flavor to bubbles. It leaves you with a clean finish with no aftertaste. The flavor is fresh, balanced, and crisp. Overall, it’s just a really good flavor that holds its delicious taste even when you decide to pop open a second can. We highly recommend this hard seltzer.

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