The 5 Best Tequila Canned Cocktails for Cinco de Mayo

The Best Tequila Canned Cocktails for Cinco de Mayo

The 5 Best Tequila Sodas, Seltzers & Canned Cocktails for Cinco de Mayo

It’s that time of year again. Cinco de Mayo is fast approaching, and it’s time to make plans. Whether you’re of Mexican heritage or simply love to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, the holiday is a great time to throw back some tequila and make merry with friends.

Contrary to what your buddy hollers after too many tequila shots, the 5th of May is not Mexican Independence Day. That day is in September. It was decades after Mexico gained their independence from Spain that Napoléon III, Emperor of France, attempted to make Mexico an empire. Fun fact: France even got as far as naming an Emperor of Mexico, Austrian Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian. Emperor Maximilian only ruled three years (he was executed). However, the Franco-Mexican War lasted six years, from late 1861 to 1867.

Cinco de Mayo celebrates a victory that happened in the first year of that war, called the Battle of Puebla. The Mexican troops encamped in the city of Puebla had little supplies and the French outnumbered them three to one. And yet, the primarily indigenous soldiers overcame the French aggressors before night fell. The Mexicans sent the French running, and the battle remains an important symbolic victory in the greater war.

Cinco de Mayo Today

Fast forward 160 years, Mexico celebrates the holiday but not in the same way that the United States of America does. In Mexico, the holiday is celebrated nationally but nowhere so much as within the state of Puebla. There are cultural events and parades. May 5th isn’t a national holiday in Mexico, so people still have to go to work. The holiday came to the United States among Mexican-American families, celebrating the historic victory of the Mexican people against impossible odds. Scholars tell us that we are celebrating a “David vs. Goliath event” for the Mexican People. The holiday remains popular in United States cities with high Mexican American populations. It has become a day of celebration across the United States.

Some celebrate in a traditional way while others gather with friends and enjoy Mexican cuisine and a couple cold brews. And if your brew is tequila-infused canned cocktails then we’re right there with you. Whether you want to taste your tequila with some fizz or drink a sweeter style cocktail with no boozy flavor, we have you covered.

1. Epic Western Cocktail Co.

Epic WesternEpic Western is a brand that’s founded on the cultural exchange between Texas and Mexico. The brand was born on the back of a truck bed parked in a South Texas bird hunting field. The founders of Epic Western were mixing up Ranch Waters, playing bartender because they were experts at mixing the indigenous cocktail. During this time, they mused how nice it would be if their cocktails came mixed perfectly every time. Thus, the vision behind Epic Western was born. The brand created a line of premium canned cocktails using 100% blue agave tequila. However, they immediately ran into a hurdle. In order to use 100% agave tequila, the product must be packaged in its final format in the region where the tequila is made. Epic Western decided to produce their canned cocktails in Jalisco, Mexico and import these products to the United States.

Epic Western recently launched two new products, Chispa Rita & La Paloma. The Chispa Rita is a take on a skinny margarita, using only real citrus, 100% blue agave tequila, and certified Mexican mineral water. La Paloma is a juicy, refreshing grapefruit cocktail mixed right every time in a can. They both contain zero sugar.

2. Lisco Spirits

LiscoLisco is an award winning, all-natural ready-to-drink hard seltzer crafted with Blue Agave Blanco tequila from Jalisco Mexico. Along with tequila, the drinks contain real fruit juice and sparkling water. Each drink has an alcohol content of 5% abv, which is average for hard seltzers and canned cocktails. Lisco sits at 100 calories and is free from any artificial flavors or added sugars. These unique products are one of the only OU Kosher Certified tequila seltzers on the market and their Lucious Lime is simply divine.

The Beverage Testing Institute awarded Lisco Spirits four medals, including one silver medal and three gold medals. Lisco is authentic both in & out of the can. The brand features out of this world flavor while catering to health-conscious consumers. Lisco is a lifestyle beverage consumers can relate to through celebrity icons, music, art, and culture. This brand is growing rapidly across the country with 11 states currently and more on the horizon. It’s a perfect fit for Cinco de Mayo!

3. MEXI Seltzer

MexiMEXI Craft Tequila Seltzer is celebrating Cinco de Mayo by offering authentic flavors that honor the Spirit of Mexico. They describe their Tamarindo flavor as tangy tang tang. Their Guava Spice flavor is sweet and spicy. With Aloe & Mint, you get a drink that is cool and bright. Last but not least, their Mango y Chili is tart with a little heat. This brand features true craft, top-shelf tequila. Each can of MEXI has 1.5 shots of NOM distillery premium tequila. Their alcohol content comes in at a 6% abv, which is a little higher than average. The drinks contain 2-4g of sugar and 100-130 calories. Along with tequila, their ingredients include carbonated well water, real juice, and natural flavors. MEXI is available in stores in California including Whole Foods (Southern California). If you don’t live in SoCal, MEXI ships online to 32 states through their website. The brand is perfect if you want to experience the unique flavors of Mexico on this holiday.

4. CANTINA Tequila Soda

CANTINA Ranch Water Cinco de MayoCANTEEN Spirits has been a long-time favorite brand of ours at Seltzer Nation. They’re an Austin-based, ready-to-drink cocktail brand. They specialize in refreshing, spirits-based canned cocktails. They pride themselves on being portable and adventure-ready. The brand’s three lines include CANTEEN Vodka Soda, CANTEEN Gin Spritz, and CANTINA Tequila Soda.
CANTINA Tequila Soda is a tequila-based, ready-to-drink cocktail that is perfect for those who want to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with authentic tequila. CANTINA makes their Tequila Soda with real tequila from premium Blue Weber Agave. This canned cocktail contains only 99 calories, one gram of carbohydrates, and zero grams of sugars. They don’t skimp on the tequila either, coming in at a 5.6% alcohol by volume. CANTINA Tequila Soda comes in three refreshing flavors: Ranch Water, Watermelon Margarita, and Grapefruit Paloma. The brand crafts each detail with precision and passion, from the color of the cans to the liquid inside.

5. All of the Above

Go “next level” fiesta and grab some of each! You really can’t go wrong with any of these tasty tequila seltzers, sodas, and canned cocktails for your Cinco de Mayo celebrations. With authentic flavors of Mexico and made using high quality tequila, these portable, ready-to-drink canned cocktails can go with you wherever the party may lead. But please fiesta responsibly and don’t forget a little siesta for yourself once the party ends. Feliz Cinco de Mayo, mis amigos!


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