Epic Western Canned Cocktail Review: La Paloma

Epic Western La Paloma

Rating: 90 Points

Calories: 67

Carbs: 5g

ABV: 8%

Epic Western La PalomaEpic Western Brings the Spirit of La Paloma to Life

The Paloma Cocktail is one of the most popular cocktails in Mexico. Across the nation, bartenders make it by mixing tequila with grapefruit juice, soda water, lime, and agave nectar – oh, and a touch of kosher salt. Many theorize that the drink got its name from the famous folk song of the same name. The song La Paloma was composed by Sebastián Iradier in the mid 1800s, and it is, to date,  the most recorded Spanish song. Sebastián Iradier, a Spanish composer, wrote La Paloma after a visit to Cuba, where the local music inspired him. La Paloma was the favorite song of the last Emperor of Mexico, Maximilian I. Elvis Presley even adapted the song into English in his 1961 Song “No More”. It only seems right, that La Paloma – the drink – is considered Mexico’s favorite cocktail. And now, Epic Western La Paloma delivers the flavors of Mexico’s favorite cocktail in a can.

Smells like Grapefruit

When you crack open a can of Epic Western La Paloma, the sweet yet tart aroma of grapefruit spritzes into the air. The scent that fills the room is just like cutting into a fresh grapefruit. As you pour the liquid over ice, bubbles funnel up between the cubes, fizzing at the top with a perfect level of carbonation. The first sip is delightful. It has a solid flavor. The grapefruit tastes natural, like you just plucked the fruit from the tree. There’s a hint of salt at the end, bringing in that authentic cocktail taste. The tequila is smooth, which is quite a feat of mastery as this beverage has an 8% alcohol by volume. The beverage doesn’t leave you with a sour aftertaste like so many other grapefruit seltzers. Instead, it leaves you wanting more.

High Alcohol Level

Epic Western makes their La Paloma Canned Cocktail from sparkling water, grapefruit, salt, and 100% blue agave tequila blanco. And, they don’t skimp on the tequila, either. These drinks come in at an 8% alcohol by volume. For comparison, that’s the same alcohol level as White Claw Surge. This drink comes in with 0 grams of sugar and 5 grams of carbohydrates. An added bonus is that this drink is gluten free. Their ingredients are both authentic and delicious, but don’t get too carried away. The smooth taste of the alcohol can be deceiving, because, this canned cocktail packs a punch of alcohol.

La Paloma Cocktail in a Can

When you hear the folk song La Paloma, it’s almost impossible to not clap and sing along (or hum along, if you don’t know the words). It’s a song that is smooth and authentic, just like the cocktail named after it. The cocktail La Paloma is Mexico’s favorite cocktail for a reason. The sweet, tart, and delicious drink delights. Epic Western took up the challenge of making this beloved drink into a canned cocktail, and they succeeded. Whether you’re heading to a party with friends and family or hanging out at home, crack open a can of La Paloma and enjoy.


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