Epic Western Canned Cocktail Review: Ranch Water

Epic Western Ranch Water

Rating: 88 Points

Calories: 83

Carbs: 1g

ABV: 10%

Epic Western Ranch WaterBuckle Up for Epic Western Ranch Water

Ranch Water is a popular cocktail in West Texas. Many even call Ranch Water the “Unofficial Drink of West Texas“. It’s said that Ranch Water came about to quench the thirst of ranchers who’ve been working in the sweltering heat. The original recipe calls for tequila, lime juice, and Topo Chico Mineral Water. There have been several brands releasing their own take on Ranch Water with hard seltzers and canned cocktails, but Epic Western seeks to establish itself as a premium option. They do this by offering premium 100% Blue Agave Tequila from Mexico. In addition, their drinks have 3 oz of tequila. Their 4-pack contains approximately half of a “fifth” of tequila. Epic Western calls their Ranch Water “the genuine article” and “the real McCoy”. We of course had to try Epic Western Ranch Water, and we’re back to tell you what we think.

Not for the Weak

One of the most important factors of both a canned cocktail and a Ranch Water is the carbonation. If the drink has too little carbonation, it can immediately become undrinkable. As we pour the golden can of Epic Western Ranch Water over ice, bubbles delight through the water, streaming between ice cubes and collecting on the sides of the glass. We are carbonation specialists, and these bubbles are fantastic. When we take our initial sip, there is a strong kick of salt, lime, and tequila right out of the gate. The sweet yet citrusy lime flavor bursts forth first, and then the salt comes in as an aftertaste. You can taste that 3 oz pour of tequila. The taste of the spirits is strong here. This drink is not for the weak! If you want less of a boozy taste, you might try Epic Western Chrispa Rita instead. If you like to taste your high quality tequila, this is the drink for you.

Triple Shot of Tequila, Please!

Epic Western makes their Ranch Water with sparkling water, lime & salt, and 100% agave azul tequila blanco. And, they do not skimp on that tequila. Their alcohol by volume comes in at a 10% abv (or 20 proof). To date, this is the beverage with the highest abv of any hard seltzer or canned cocktail that we’ve reviewed on Seltzer Nation. It’s about twice as high as the average abv of canned cocktails. We recommend you sip your chilled beverage leisurely. This drink is strong, but the premium ingredients really show through. This Ranch Water is gluten free, and it also has eighty-three calories, zero grams of sugar, and one gram of carbs.

The Spirit of West Texas

The prognosis is in, Epic Western Ranch Water deserves to call themselves the “Genuine Article”. If you like premium ingredients and appreciate tasting those ingredients, this beverage is a great choice. We might not be recommending this drink for hydration purposes, but when you’re finished working for the day and ready to take your boots off, crack open a can of Ranch Water. You might want to share your four-pack with a couple of friends though, as it’s roughly equivalent to sharing half of a fifth of tequila. So, get out of that hot sun and enjoy this chilled beverage.


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  1. stev 8 November, 2022 at 20:43 Reply

    there is absolutely NO way the calorie count of epic western is 83 calories
    three shots of tequila. One shot of 80 proof tequila is around 70 calories.

    just throwing it out there

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