Epic Western Canned Cocktail Review: Chispa Rita

Epic Western Chispa Rita Featured

Rating: 92 Points

Calories: 67

Carbs: 5g

ABV: 8%

Epic Western Chispa RitaEpic Western Chispa Rita is a is Skinny Margarita in a Can

Spring has sprung, and summer is fast approaching. Sunshine seekers are flocking south to enjoy beaches, lakes, and basically anywhere your can unfold your lawn chair and crack open a cold can. One of the most popular summer cocktails is the margarita. In its original form, the drink is made with lime, Triple Sec, and tequila. Often, bartenders use simple syrup as an alternative to Triple Sec liqueur. While delicious, Triple Sec is an orange liquor that’s heavy on sugar content. Unfortunately, simple syrup is high in sugar as well, and heavy sugar content can cause a problem for some drinkers. Many margarita drinkers love the taste but can’t handle the sugar, and, thus, the skinny margarita was born. Mixologists make Skinny Margaritas with fruit juices instead of syrup or liqueur, which has some of the sweetness but a fraction of the sugar per ounce. Epic Western Chispa Rita delivers the taste of the skinny margarita in a canned cocktail.

Smells Refreshing

When you pull the tab and crack open a can of Epic Western Chrispa Rita, the scent that rises is citrusy and refreshing. The aroma is slightly sweet, clean, and extremely inviting. As you pour the liquid over ice, carbonation bubbles up, fizzing through the cubes and to the surface of the drink. As you take your initial sip, the first thing you notice is a hint of sweetness, and then you get the full impact of the fantastic flavor. From the first second, you can tell that the tequila in this offering is excellent. It goes down clean. The lime is not overbearing. It’s a light flavor that complements well with the tequila. There’s a little pucker at the end, followed by the taste of salt. This drink is everything you would want in a skinny margarita.

Watch out… it’s 8% ABV

Epic western makes their Chispa Rita with sparkling water, lime,  salt, and 100% agave azul tequila blanco. With these ingredients, the canned cocktail achieves what so many skinny margaritas cannot, the Chispa Rita is sugar free. In this way, the drink really is the ultimate skinny margarita. The carbs are a little on the higher side for canned cocktails, however, with 5 grams per can. This drink is also gluten free. But, tread lightly! These babies have 8% alcohol by volume (they are 16 proof). This is likely because tequila is a typically high proof alcohol. Drinking one of these canned cocktails could roughly be compared to taking a tall shot of tequila.

Great for the Golf Course or on a Boat

Whether you’re watching your sugar intake or not, Epic Western Chispa Rita is a great choice for a summery canned cocktail. Its high quality ingredients make this drink smooth and flavorful without being overpowering. The high alcohol content will be appealing to some, and you definitely get the  bang for your buck with these offerings. Crack open a can of Chrispa Rita on your next excursion into the sun. You won’t regret it.

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