Coco Canned Cocktail Review: Coco Vodka Original


Rating: 92 Points

Calories: 165

Carbs: 16g

ABV: 5%

Coco Vodka Canned CocktailCoco Vodka Canned Cocktail is as Refreshing as Coconut Water

Coco Vodka Original is a triple distilled vodka that uses real coconut water in its ingredients. Even though alcohol brands cannot advertise their products with health claims, there has been a growing trend of hard seltzers and canned cocktails using ingredients with known health benefits. Coconut water us no exception. The water-alternative’s supporters have gone so far as to claim that coconut water can reverse aging. This is due to the fact that coconut water has many times the level of electrolytes as most sport drinks but none of the added sugar and dyes. Coconut water is nothing new. It has been popular in Southern and South America for centuries. It’s been used for hydration and even medicinal purposes in the tropics for over a millennia. However, the coconut water trend only started in the United States of America in the early 2000s. Mixing vodka with a drink high in electrolytes seems like a fantastic idea to us, however, coconut water is a light tasting beverage, so how would it fare as a mixer in Coco Vodka Canned Cocktail? We decided to find out.

The Initial Pour

We were excited and a little nervous to try this beverage. Coco Vodka is much higher in carbs and sugars than the majority of the beverages we review. However, the coconut water and taste could just negate these hesitations for us. The cans are short but, as is often the case, contain the same twelve ounces as the tall cans of most hard seltzers. As soon as we crack open our cans, we smell coconut. We pour the liquid over ice, watching the bubbles bounce and cling to the outside of the glass. The carbonation is perfect with small bubbles popping at the surface. Is this good for us? We don’t know. But, the real question is: is this going to taste good to us? That is what we are ready to find out.

Well Rounded Flavors

The first sip is a crash of bubbles and coconut taste. Many of us don’t even drink coconut water but this first sip has them rethinking the coconut water group as a whole. Coco Vodka Original is made with carbonated filtered water, vodka, cane sugar, coconut water, citric acid, coconut natural flavor, potassium sorbate. Resultantly, the added natural and added sugar in this drink make this drink sweet but not overpoweringly so. Instead, it’s delicious and refreshing. The sweetness makes this a very tropical drink. Immediately, we’re transported to a white sand beach, walking along the shore with warm water slowing over our ankles. We can picture drinking this on a boat, on the beach, on the golf course, on a swing, during a lunch date…really, just about anywhere.

No Boozy Taste

Our misgivings that this may be an overly boozy tasing drink were clearly misplaced. There is no strong alcohol taste. This isn’t because the drink is low on alcohol content either, Coco Vodka has an average ABV at 5%. At 165 calories, the calorie content is a little higher than what we usually see with hard seltzer but canned cocktail’s calories range a bit higher on average. The sugars in this drink and carbs are much higher than average, coming in at 14 grams of sugar (2g of added sugar) and 16 grams of carbohydrates. This is definitely not the drink for someone on a low carb diet! If you want a delicious and refreshing drink and don’t mind a higher carb and sugar content, Coco Vodka Canned Cocktail is perfect for you.

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