Truly Margarita Hard Seltzer Review: Mango Chili


Rating: 90 Points

Calories: 110

Carbs: 3g

ABV: 5.3%

Truly Mango ChiliTruly’s Flavorful Take on Margaritas

Truly is the second leading hard seltzer brand in the nation, and one of the ways the brand keeps competitive is with their adventurous new flavor combinations. The brand proudly touts the catchphrase “no one is just one flavor”. They embody this phrase by offering new flavor combinations with frequency. This is why, when Truly announced that they were releasing a brand new line of margarita hard seltzers earlier this year, it was no surprise that their flavors were delightfully unexpected. And, one of the most delightful of the bunch is Truly Margarita Hard Seltzer Mango Chili. This said, mangos and chili paste are no stranger to each other. In fact, Mango con Chili y limon (mango with chili and lime) is a popular Mexican street food, often served on a stick. Along with the traditional Mexican flavor combination, the brand uses agave nectar, which is a common addition to margaritas as it comes from the same plant as tequila.

Truly clearly had some delightful ideas when it came to flavoring their margarita, but would their flavors taste as delicious as they sound? That’s what we decided to find out.

Strong Mango Scent and Taste

As soon as we pour Truly Mango Chili Margarita over ice, we notice the pale yellow color of the drink. The scent of mangos fills the air like you’re walking under a mango tree heavy with ripe fruit. The sweet aroma of mangos transports us to the tropical countries of the Americas. The scent is both enticing and intoxicating. As soon as we raise the drink to our lips, we taste the mango. The delicious taste coats our tongues, reminding us more of juice than many other seltzers. It has a lip smacking flavor profile. The flavor is delicious and full, but the carbonation is not strong or fizzy. Don’t get us wrong. The drink isn’t flat, but it has a thicker feel to it than many of Truly’s other drinks. The chili appears at the end as an aftertaste, giving the drink an authentic kick. Overall, its a wonderful, juicy delight.

Slightly Higher Alcohol

Aside from Truly’s higher ABV brand Truly Extra, Truly usually keeps with a standard 5% alcohol by volume. Truly Margaritas come in a little stronger, kicking it up to 5.3% ABV. Similar to this change, Truly raises their average of 100 calories per can to 110 in their margarita line. The carb level is also a tad higher than average, coming in at three carbohydrates. However, even with all of the sweetness of the drink, Truly Mango Chili Margarita Hard Seltzer has only one gram of sugar. The drink does have a long list of ingredients. It has filtered water, alcohol, natural flavors, lime juice concentrate, mango juice concentrate, chili powder, cane sugar, agave nectar, sea salt, citric acid, sodium citrate, stevia sweetener, and pear juice color. Don’t try to say that all in one breath. If you want a sweet, juicy margarita hard seltzer, give Truly Margarita Mango Chili a try today.

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