The Best Margarita in a Can

The Best Margarita in a Can

Four Delicious Margarita Canned Cocktails

Margaritas are the most popular cocktail in the United States for a reason. The combination of Blanco tequila, lime juice, and triple sec makes for a citrusy and sweet cocktail that appeals to most palates. Add a salt or sugar rim, and you have a festive finish. You just can’t get a more refreshing cocktail on a hot day. Even better, margaritas are versatile and taste just as delicious (if not more) with a variety of fresh fruit or fruit flavors added. You can drink the cocktail blended or over the rocks. But, sometimes, ordering a margarita in a bar or restaurant just doesn’t fit your plans.

This brings up the question, can you get a margarita in a can that’s comparable to its mixologist-crafted counterpart? We believe you can. Below, we’ve reviewed four top-rated margarita canned cocktails and hard seltzers that will make you feel like you brought your local cantina home with you.

Margarita Mango Chili

Truly Hard Seltzer Margarita Mango Chili

Last year, Truly Hard Seltzer released a Margarita Style Mix pack featuring four flavors of margaritas. When we tried the Truly Hard Seltzer Mango Chili from the Margarita Style Mix Pack, the flavor profile blew us away. The mango scent was strong and tantalizing, and the pale-yellow color gave the drink a more authentic margarita feel. We took a sip, and the fullness of the flavor immediately struck us. The mango flavor was juicy and lip-smacking, easily the most flavorful seltzer in the pack. As we savored it, the hint of chili at the end was a pleasant surprise. It added an exotic twist to the drink that we didn’t expect but thoroughly enjoyed.

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Cantina Especial Watermelon Margarita Tequila Soda

Cantina Watermelon Margarita Tequila Sodas

Cantina Tequila Seltzers and Tequila Sodas come from Austin, Texas. The tequila is made with real blue weber agave in Jalisco, Mexico. Cantina is actually an “expression” of a larger brand, Canteen Spirits, which offers canned cocktails made with vodka and gin.

We were pleasantly surprised by Cantina Watermelon Margarita Canned Cocktail and its unique and refreshing taste. Although the watermelon scent was faint, the watermelon flavor was definitely noticeable. Unlike other watermelon seltzers that can be overly sweet, this one had a more subtle taste that we appreciated. The carbonation was great, making the drink feel light and bubbly. While the tequila flavor was present, it wasn’t overpowering and blended well with the other flavors. At 5.6% ABV, it was surprisingly easy to drink, not tasting strong like alcohol. Fans of the frozen watermelon margarita will surely love this.

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Cayman Jack Margarita

Cayman Jack Margaritas are a decent option for those looking for a “lite” margarita. While the agave flavor was low, it was present. The lime scent was noticeable, and the bubbles added a refreshing touch to the drink. The taste itself was of a classic margarita, with all the familiar flavors and no surprises. Overall, we found the Cayman Jack Margarita to be a good option for those who prefer a milder margarita flavor. It’s a convenient margarita in a can, making it easy to enjoy on the go or at home without any fuss. Add a salted rim and take this margarita to the next level.

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Epic Western Chispa Rita Featured

Epic Western Chispa Rita

The first thing we noticed about the Epic Western Chispa Rita was the fantastic packaging; it immediately gave us high hopes for what was inside. Upon taking our first sip, we were pleasantly surprised by the hint of sweetness in this skinny margarita in a can. The flavor was fantastic, and we could taste the excellent tequila that was used to make this drink. The carbonation was just right, and the slight lime flavor was not overbearing, which was a huge plus for us. At the end of each sip, we experienced a little pucker that was quickly followed by the salt, making it an all-around great drink. We could easily see ourselves enjoying this drink on the golf course or on a boat with friends. However, we do want to point out that the ABV is 8%. We would advise drinking responsibly.

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  1. Andrew 20 March, 2023 at 17:14 Reply

    How do 2 of the “4 delicious canned margaritas” make this list, without even being tequila based? I don’t see how Cayman Jack and Truly are even eligible since they are margarita STYLE, but actually from a sugar brew, NOT tequila. Cantina is delicious! And I’ve never tasted Epic Western, but I can’t see how you don’t have Cutwater over Cayman Jack and Truly and it’s not even close.

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