High Noon Tequila Seltzers are Available Now

High Noon Tequila Seltzer

High Noon Tequila Seltzers

High Noon Tequila SeltzerIn the alcohol industry, new alcoholic drinks often come out with a great deal of fanfare. Months before the product is even ready for the market, press releases spread far and wide across the internet, sliding into our newsfeeds. Social media posts declare the coming of the drink in bold colors. Commercials celebrate the upcoming release. Before the new alcoholic drink even hits the shelves, everyone knows about it. Other times, alcohol brands keep their proverbial lips sealed like the new product release is a state secret. The release of High Noon’s brand new line of Tequila Seltzers falls into that second category.

Last September, the news of a possible line of tequila products broke when High Noon trademarked four tequila seltzer logos. However, even though rumors abounded, the hard seltzer brand did not confirm or deny the coming of these tequila seltzers. Because of this, no one knew if High Noon Tequila Seltzers would ever hit the market. Then, a couple of days ago, people started spotting packs of High Noon Tequila Seltzers in stores. We’re here to report that the rumors are true! Not only did the nation’s favorite vodka seltzer brand High Noon release a new line of Tequila Seltzers, but the brand did it in four new flavors.

“Trade up your malt-based, tequila-flavored hard seltzers for High Noon Tequila,” the brand wrote in an emailed press release. “The newest offering will be available this spring in four flavors and are all made with real fruit juice and layered with real blanco tequila with no added sugar, are 100 calories and gluten free.”

The Hunt is On

High Noon Tequila Seltzers

Image source: Facebook Joseph’s Beverage Center in Toledo, Ohio

In an emailed press release from High Noon, the brand tells us that these new Tequila Seltzers are “Rolling out in March.” The brand adds that this is “just in time for sunnier days filled with pool hangs, boat days and of course tequila Tuesdays[.] High Noon Tequila Hard Seltzers are made with real tequila and real juice and are the perfect trade up for tequila-lovers who were never satisfied with malt hard seltzer offerings.”

If you’re gearing up, ready to drink down some delicious tequila seltzers, you may have a bit of a hunt before you. On the one hand, High Noon Tequila Seltzer Variety Packs are popping up in stores across the nation, and some of these stores are reporting that the tequila seltzers are already available for sale. Other stores state that the drinks are “coming soon” or “coming Friday.” However, if you visit the High Noon product locator and select the “Tequila Seltzer 8-Pack,” the website proclaims “no results found.” Therefore, it stands to reason that until the High Noon website’s product finder updates, you’ll just have to search a couple of liquor retailers to strike gold (Sun Sips gold, that is).

Everything We Know

High Noon Tequila SeltzerHigh Noon Tequila Seltzers come in variety 8-packs with two of each flavor. The flavors are Strawberry, Lime, Grapefruit, and Passionfruit. According to the brand, the lime flavor is “a burst of fresh citrus notes and aroma.” The Strawberry flavor is “a fresh, juicy, sweet strawberry flavor and fruit finish.” The Passionfruit flavor has “a hint of tropical flair and real passion fruit flavor.” Last but not least, the Grapefruit flavor is “a complex blend of grapefruit and fresh tasting citrus.”

Each 12 oz tall can contains 100 calories and no added sugar. Like High Noon’s Vodka Seltzers, these drinks have simple, gluten-free ingredients. The seltzers have Blanco tequila, real fruit juice, sparkling water, and natural flavors. The alcohol content is 4.5% ABV, and each can contains 2.6 grams of sugar and 4.2 carbs. The suggested retail price of the High Noon Tequila Seltzer pack is $21.99.

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