Cayman Jack Canned Cocktail Review: Margarita


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Carbs: g

ABV: 5.8%

Cayman Jack Margarita

Cayman Jack Margarita Delivers a Favorite Cocktail in a Can

Margaritas are one of the world’s favorite cocktails. It combines the authentic taste of tequila with lime juice. A salted rim is also a staple of a traditional margarita cocktail. These cocktails are enjoyed with or without spicy food and are incredibly versatile. From vacation beach trips to date nights with your significant other, there is never a bad time for a margarita. The Cayman Jack Margarita allows you to enjoy the experience in your home as well as while traveling. However, instead of using tequila, these margaritas use malt-based alcohol. Still, these margarita canned cocktails by Cayman Jack offer a genuine margarita vibe in a serving-size bottle or can. We put this canned cocktail to the test, and here is a summary of our experience.

A Classic Margarita Experience

The Cayman Jack Margarita tastes very similar to a margarita you would order at a beachside bar. Although, the alcohol content is arguably lighter than a traditional margarita beverage (with less than 6% ABV). While the agave nectar flavor is relatively mild, this margarita does not lack flavor. The lime is prominent. You can taste the lime with every sip. You can also smell the lime as soon as you open the can. There is a subtle hint of sweetness as well. This is presumably from the sweet agave nectar that pairs nicely with the real lime juice.  In other words, you can expect as close to an authentic margarita experience as you can get with a malt beverage. Be sure not to forget to add the salted rim if you want to enhance the margarita experience.

Sweet Agave Nectar with Real Lime Juice

Cayman Jack makes its Margarita with premium malt beverage and natural flavors made with lime juice and agave nectar. The alcohol by volume or the Cayman Jack Margarita is 5.8%. We are not sure exactly how much sugar or carbs there are in each 12-ounce can. All cans are, however, entirely free from gluten. The ingredients are natural and taste authentic; there are no artificial flavors. Instead, you enjoy authentic lime juice and other natural flavors. A salted rim enhances the experience as well. There is also an excellent carbonation level in this canned cocktail. The bubbles add to the taste and provide a nice drinking experience.

A Margarita You Can Store in Your Fridge

You can enjoy an authentic tasting margarita experience straight out of the can with the Cayman Jack Margarita. This classic margarita canned cocktail stores in your fridge and is ready to drink whenever you are. We recommend ditching the can, however. Instead, pour the margarita over a cold glass of ice and add a salted rim. You can even add a slice of lime on the rim as well. As far as the flavor, you can expect a delicious lime flavor with hints of sweet agave nectar. You can also expect to be greeted by a pleasant aroma as well. Overall, we recommend this margarita canned cocktail by Cayman Jack.

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  1. Patty 2 April, 2023 at 19:55 Reply

    it was good ,untill it came in with the ” new ” label ..less alcohol and the flavor isn’t the same,used to buy it all the time ..this will be my last ! (Cayman Jack Margarita in a can)

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