Spiritfruit Premium Vodka Soda Delivers Real Fruit Flavor

Spiritfruit Premium Canned Vodka Soda

Spiritfruit Premium Vodka Soda Adds Real Fruit Fun to Your Summertime Spirits

— With summer just a skipping stone’s throw away, Spiritfruit premium vodka soda is making a big splash on the ready-to-drink scene. Spiritfruit is gluten-free and made with five-times distilled corn-based vodka and real fruit juice with no sugar added, making it the perfect better-for-you canned cocktail for summer sipping in a healthier way.

Unlike other canned cocktails, all-natural Spiritfruit doesn’t contain chemicals to lengthen shelf life or disguise the taste of faux flavor. Made with 4% more fruit than many of the other canned vodka sodas on the market, Spiritfruit’s difference can be seen, not just tasted. Every pour is bright and vibrant with the natural color of real fruit juices.

Spiritfruit Premium Vodka Soda is Available in 4 Delicious Flavors

Spiritfruit comes in four flavors, including Blackberry, Cranberry Lime, Clementine, and Grapefruit, and can be purchased in flavor-specific four packs or an eight can variety pack. Already available in liquor stores throughout a dozen states, Spiritfruit will be launching direct-to-consumer in May of 2021 – delivering deliciousness to doorsteps throughout the United States.

Founder Caitlin Morris launched Spiritfruit with oceanside inspiration from her hometown of Duxbury, Massachusetts and is on a mission to deliver a clean and refreshing drinking experience that doesn’t compromise on taste. Caitlin recently appointed craft beverage industry veteran and former Night Shift Brewing COO Jeff Glennon as Spiritfruit COO, and together the duo have set out to take the Spiritfruit brand to new heights.

Spirited sippers 21 and over can find local carriers of Spiritfruit vodka soda or have packs shipped directly at www.spiritfruitbev.com. They can also get social with Spiritfruit on social media through Instagram and Facebook.


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