Corebev The Cocktail Chemist Canned Cocktail Review: Mojito


Corebev The Cocktail Chemist Mojito

Corebev The Cocktail Chemist Mojito Tastes Like an Authentic Mojito

Did you know that mojitos originated from a medicinal drink? A mojito cocktail is a fizzy lime-based drink with crushed mint and sugar. The cocktail originated in Cuba centuries ago, but it is now popular all over the world. Until recently, you could only enjoy the sweet and refreshing taste of the mojito cocktail in a bar. Well, that’s now changed. Corebev The Cocktail Chemist Mojito offers an authentic tasting mojito cocktail in the convenience of a can. We just had to try it, and there were some things that surprised us about this ready-to-drink cocktail (RTD). In our review, we discuss the drinking experience, ingredients, and overall vibe of Corebev The Cocktail Chemist Mojito.

Minty Flavor With a Sweet Aftertaste

You can taste the mint as soon as you raise a can of Corebev The Cocktail Chemist Mojito to your lips. It is that strong and potent. The minty taste gives this rum cocktail a true mojito vibe. In fact, we compare the taste to Doublemint gum, a fresh taste that cools your mouth (especially when served at cold temperatures). The flavor is also sweet, presumably from the 100% pure cane sugar. It balances out the tart taste of fresh squeezed lime juice nicely. The finishing taste is just as good as the initial flavor. You notice the sweetness of this drink more than anything with the aftertaste. This RTD contains 10% alcohol by volume, far more than the average canned cocktail. However, despite a fair amount of alcohol, the taste of alcohol is minimal.

Strong Alcohol (10% ABV)

Corebev The Cocktail Chemist makes its Mojito canned cocktail with “the finest Caribbean Rum, mint picked at its peak, fresh squeezed lime juice, and 100% pure cane sugar.” The cans are smaller than most canned cocktails. We expected 12 fluid-ounce cans like most drinks, but these RTDs only contain 200 milliliters (ml) of liquid. This translates to roughly 6 to 7 fluid ounces per can. However, do not let the smaller cans fool you — these RTDs pack quite the punch. You can notice the alcohol after consuming just one can. We are not certain as to how many calories, carbs, or sugar this cocktail has. However, it is a gluten-free option.

An Accurate Mojito Experience

If you love mojitos, then this is a great canned cocktail to try. It provides an accurate taste that features mint and a sweet aftertaste. However, it may not be the best option if you prefer traditional 12-ounce cans or have a preference for lighter drinks. Keep in mind that Corebev The Cocktail Chemist Mojito has a 10% ABV. We felt the alcohol rather quickly, so be sure to drink carefully. Nevertheless, we have nothing but good things to report about the flavor. It comes as it is advertised and truly embodies the essence of a mojito cocktail. You will also notice a cloudy yellow color for the liquid, making these drinks perfect for pouring over ice. These drinks are also great straight out of the can. We recommend giving this tasty mojito canned cocktail a try.

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