Bravago Hard Seltzer Review: “Sucker Punch” Strawberry Lemon

Bravago Hard Seltzer Sucker Punch Strawberry Lemon-2

Bravago Hard Seltzer Sucker Punch Strawberry Lemon

Bravago Hard Seltzer “Sucker Punch” Strawberry Lemon Tastes Like Fruit Punch

Strawberries and lemons are an ideal flavor matchup. Strawberry is famous for its sweet flavor, whereas lemon is known for its tart taste. This makes the combination a perfect pair that blends naturally. For this reason, we were excited to taste and review Bravago Hard Seltzer Strawberry Lemon. Going into our review, we expected a spiked strawberry lemonade. You know, the kind you have sitting poolside or at the beach while you’re taking in the sun and fresh summer air. However, that’s not what we found. In this review, we discuss details such as the taste, ingredients, alcohol content, and overall vibe this drink presents for hard seltzer enthusiasts.

Sweet Strawberry Meets Tart Lemon

The first thing you may notice about Bravago Hard Seltzer Strawberry Lemon Hard Seltzer is its super sweet scent. Strawberry and lemon both have a strong aroma that fills your senses. As soon as you take a sip, it’s apparent that the strawberry flavor is more dominant than the lemon. It tastes more like a fruit punch than a strawberry lemonade. This makes for a very interesting flavor combination. We are, however, somewhat disappointed with the level of carbonation. It lacks the amount of life one may desire from a canned hard seltzer. Albeit sweet, we are also not thrilled with the monk fruit aftertaste that seems to linger after each sip. With that said, we feel that this hard seltzer tastes refreshing and sweet (but not overly sweet). It is a perfect summer drink. The fresh, cold taste is just what you need to liven up your day on a summer evening.

5.1% ABV and 120 Calories Per Can

Bravago makes its Strawberry Lemon hard seltzer with purified carbonated water, alcohol from cane sugar, natural flavors, cane sugar, citric acid sodium citrate, and monk fruit extract. The intriguing ingredient combination creates a sweeter drink with relatively low sugar content. Specifically, there are 2 grams of sugar and 3 grams of total carbs. Each can contains 120 calories. The alcohol content is relatively average for a hard seltzer, coming in at 5.1% alcohol by volume (ABV). All cans are gluten-free as well.

A Great Summer Drink!

Bravago Hard Seltzer Strawberry Lemon Hard Seltzer is a great choice for fans of strawberry hard seltzers. We find that the carbonation is lower than we desired and the monk fruit extract leaves an unusual aftertaste. That said, this hard seltzer is a delicious and refreshing option for drinking on a hot summer day. It tastes like a fruit punch. We recommend serving it as cold as possible, either pulled straight from a cooler filled with ice or the fridge. There is no need for a glass as the branding is fun and it tastes great straight from the can. So, overall, this is a drink we recommend, especially on warm days when you are drinking outdoors.

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