Becky Personality Juice Hard Seltzer Review: Tropical Cherry


Becky Personality Juice Tropical Cherry

Becky Personality Juice Tropical Cherry Tastes Authentic

Do you love the sweet and bold taste of cherry hard seltzer? You’re not alone. Cherry is the most popular flavor in the hard seltzer industry by a wide margin.  Becky Personality Juice Tropical Cherry offers a cherry flavor that you will remember. Initially, we were excited to try this hard seltzer as we love the fun, saucy vibes that Becky Personality Juice presents, along with its excellent branding. Additionally, despite the powerful flavor of cherry, these hard seltzers contain very little sugar. So, our testers gave this hard seltzer a try. Below is a summary of our notes about our overall experience. Specifically, we discuss the aroma, flavor, ingredients, branding, and overall vibe.

A True Cherry Taste Experience

Upon cracking open a can of Becky Personality Juice Tropical Cherry Hard Seltzer, you immediately smell a cherry aroma. The taste that follows is as authentic as we hoped and tastes just like fresh cherries. However, there is an artificial sweetener taste, presumably from stevia extract. It’s relatively light, but we still notice hints of sweetener. Although we appreciate the fact that this hard seltzer contains only one gram of sugar, the artificial sweetener holds the back flavor profile just a little. Overall, however, it is an authentic cherry flavor, providing it with a nice berry vibe.

Natural Flavors Combine With Carbonated Water and Alcohol From Sugar

Becky Personality Juice makes its Tropical Cherry Hard Seltzer with carbonated water, alcohol from sugar, erythritol, lemon juice concentrate, sugar, natural flavors, and stevia extract (rebaudioside A). This hard seltzer contains 5% alcohol by volume (ABV), which is relatively average for hard seltzers. However, you can still expect a kick from the alcohol if you drink an entire can or more in one sitting. There are 100 calories and 6 grams of carbs per can. As we mentioned earlier in this review, only one gram of carbs comes from sugar. This hard seltzer is also gluten-free.

Sweet Cherry Flavor Without Much Added Sugar

Becky Personality Juice has an abundance of personality. The white and pink packaging of the can is simple yet filled with life. As you open the can, the sweet scent of cherry fills the air, adding to the experience. Although the taste is powered by artificial sweeteners, it is still strong and authentic, which is what you want from a cherry-flavored hard seltzer. We recommend offering this hard seltzer to friends, family members, and other guests at parties and other get-togethers. Although the sweet flavor may not be ideal for every drinker, those who want a low-sugar beverage that still offers an excellent amount of sweetness and cherry flavor are likely to adore this one. Overall, it is a fun drink that is certainly worth a try if you love hard seltzers and cherry flavor. We recommend drinking these chilled.

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