Becky Personality Juice Hard Seltzer Review: Mango

Becky Personality Juice Mango

Becky Personality Juice Mango

Becky Personality Juice Mango Hard Seltzer is as Fun as Its Branding

Becky Personality Juice is known for its fun branding and sweet flavors. They are great hard seltzers to carry with you to the beach or house parties. A sweet and tropical mango hard seltzer is right on brand, so we were excited to give it a try. We are particularly intrigued by the fact that there is very little sugar and each can only contains 100 calories. In this review, we discuss our experience trying this hard seltzer. We highlight the flavor, aroma, ingredients, and overall vibe that Becky Personality Juice Mango Hard Seltzer provides.

A Mango-Inspired Flavor

We detect a mango aroma upon opening a can of Becky Personality Juice Mango Hard Seltzer. The fruity scent gives the drink a tropical vibe. As it pertains to the flavor, there is a lot to like about it, but it may not be the ideal flavor for everyone. The mango flavor is sweet and tart. It tastes authentically like mango, but it is not as natural as we would have liked. The drink seems strongly influenced by artificial sweeteners. Additionally, this hard seltzer has a strong syrupy taste. With that said, this flavor is a great choice if you are seeking a sweet, low-sugar hard seltzer option. The low level of carbonation works pretty well for this drink; however, it could do with more bubbles and life.

Gluten-Free With Only 1 Gram of Sugar

A great hard seltzer with low sugar and no gluten can be hard to find. If you are searching for a gluten-free hard seltzer with only 100 calories or only one gram of sugar, then Becky Personality Juice Mango Hard Seltzer is a great choice. The drink does contain 6 grams of carbs, however. So if you’re watching your carb intake, it may not be the best option for you. The alcohol content is 5% ABV. The ingredients for this hard seltzer include carbonated water, alcohol from sugar, erythritol, lemon juice concentrate, sugar, natural flavors, and stevia extract (rebaudioside A).

A Sweet, Yet Low-Sugar Option for Mango Lovers

If you love mango-flavored hard seltzers but prefer your drink without much-added sugar, then Becky Personality Juice Mango Hard Seltzer is a perfect option for you. With only one gram of sugar, this mango hard seltzer is still incredibly sweet. Although the artificial flavor (powered largely by Stevia extract) may not be ideal for everyone, it does add an element of sweetness that is hard to find with low-sugar drinks. As discussed, the mango flavor is accurate. We also really enjoyed the aroma this hard seltzer offers as well. Overall, we recommend trying this one if you want a low-sugar option and a sweet mango-inspired flavor. You can drink these straight from the fridge or pour them over a glass of ice.

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