Absolut and Ocean Spray Launch a New Line of Canned Cocktails


Absolut and Ocean Spray Cranberry Ready-to-Drink Cocktail Range

Dry January is a trend that’s picked up steam on the internet in recent years. If January is a dry month for you, more power to you! But not everyone is celebrating the New Year with mocktails. Some of us didn’t make anti-alcohol resolutions (or already broke them). If you’re still enjoying a canned cocktail or two this month, you are in luck! Absolut Vodka and Ocean Spray just dropped their long-awaited collaboration, and they’re not just launching a single flavor. No, these beverage giants are launching a line of four brand-new cranberry-vodka-inspired flavors.

“Absolut Vodka and Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice have long been enjoyed together at bars and in homes across the country,” said Natalie Accari, Vice President, RTD & Convenience North America, Pernod Ricard USA. “We’re pleased to bring this beloved classic cocktail from two powerhouse brands to our consumers in a convenient new format.”

Four Delicious Flavors

Absolut Vodka And Ocean SprayThe new line of canned cocktails from Ocean Spray and Absolut has four flavors,  Vodka Cranberry, Vodka Cran-Grape, Vodka Cran-Pineapple, and Vodka Cran-Raspberry. All four flavors are available in multi-flavor 8-packs or single-flavor cans. You can also get Vodka Cranberry or Vodka Cran-Pineapple in single-flavor 4-packs. With an ABV of 4.5%, these canned cocktails come in slightly lower in alcohol content than the majority of RTDs. Absolut has officially “introduced” the line, as of January 16th, 2024. Stating that the drinks are available now in the US. However, their website and product finder have not been updated yet, so you may have a little hunt ahead of you.

Learn more about these canned cocktails on the Absolut Vodka And Ocean Spray website.

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