Brand New High Noon Snowbird Pack with Plum and Raspberry

High Noon Snowbird Pack

High Noon Snowbird Pack

It’s snowbird season. People are either heading up to the slopes or out to warmer weather. According to a survey conducted by High Noon Hard Seltzer, 40% of people travel to warmer weather when the snowflakes start to fall. Meaning, 60% of us are stuck in the cold, just dreaming about the sunshine. Have no fear, High Noon Sun Sips is bringing the sunshine to us. The Limited Edition Snowbird Pack is hitting shelves this month. That’s not all; the pack has two brand-new flavors, Plum and Raspberry.

Why is High Noon so Popular?

High Noon Sun Sips has truly made its mark in the alcohol scene. Back in 2019, it carved out a unique space by blending the worlds of hard seltzers and ready-to-drink cocktails. When the hard seltzer trend was picking up steam, High Noon burst onto the scene, shaking things up with its real vodka-based offering while others were sticking to malt. Hailing from the renowned E & J Gallo winemakers, it didn’t just ride the hard seltzer wave. It surfed into the RTD market, claiming the top spot among ready-to-drink brands.

The best thing about High Noon is its consistency. True story, across their lineup of 16 distinct fruit flavors, there isn’t a single dud. This reliability has garnered them a dedicated following of fans or “Nooners” and solidified their position as the go-to canned cocktail in the market. High Noon Sun Sips isn’t just a drink; it’s a sensation, always pushing boundaries and setting new standards in the industry.

Everything We Know About the LTO Snowbird Pack

The Snowbird Pack contains four “sun-inspired” flavors. Along with new flavors Plum and Raspberry, the pack features fan favorites Lemon and Peach. Like all High New flavors, these drinks have 100 calories and an alcohol content of 4.5% ABV. High Noon Hard seltzers contain real fruit juice and real vodka. They have no added sugar, and they are gluten-free. The Snowbird Pack is available now in 8-packs of 12 oz cans. Visit the High Noon Website to find the Snowbird Pack near you.

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