Vizzy Mimosa Hard Seltzer Review: Peach Orange

Vizzy Mimosa Peach Orange Hard Seltzer

Rating: 94 Points

Calories: 100

Carbs: 1g

ABV: 5%

Vizzy Mimosa Peach Orange Hard SeltzerVizzy Mimosa Peach Orange Hard Seltzer is Brunch-Ready

There’s no better feeling than enjoying the beautiful summer outdoors with a drink made for the weather. We love mimosas – champagne flavored with a splash of orange or peach juice. The brunch favorite has the perfect amount of fizz and flavor for a hot sunny day. This beautiful beverage is made from simple and natural ingredients. They can be made with Champagne, Prosecco, or any sparkling wine and fruit juice. The drink is nearly synonymous with brunch, whether it’s for Mother’s Day, a bridal shower, or good times with friends. That’s why we were so excited to hear that Vizzy released the first-ever nationally available hard seltzer mimosa. But were these offerings truly brunch-worthy? We had to try Vizzy Mimosa Peach Orange Hard Seltzer for ourselves.

Lasting Flavor

As soon as you pop open a can of Vizzy Mimosa Peach Orange Hard Seltzer, an authentic peachy citrus aroma wafts around you, making it almost impossible to resist sampling it. This aroma is spot-on. Your first sip transports you to the beach on a warm summer day. And it doesn’t stop there. The flavor, feel, and aroma gets better with every sip. The clean taste makes it almost impossible to stop at one can. And, you’re in luck if you want another as the alcohol content is average for a hard seltzer. It is also well carbonated, making your drinking experience balanced and delicious. Beyond that, you will love how the peach flavor complements the orange so well, giving an absolutely delicious experience.

Light on the Peach

Vizzy makes their Peach Orange Mimosa Hard Seltzer with sparkling water, cane sugar, orange juice concentrate, natural flavor, citric acid, tartaric acid, sodium citrate, dried acerola cherry juice, and stevia. At just 1 gram of carbs and less than a gram of sugar, the low carb content encourages you to go as wild as possible with your brunch-time endeavors. With a 5% alcohol by volume, this Vizzy offering has the same abv as most flavors of Truly, White Claw, and the rest of Vizzy. How does this drink match up to a regular mimosa? The light and refreshing drink matches the peach flavor with orange well enough to give you an absolutely delicious experience.

Tastes Like Summer

Vizzy Mimosa Peach Orange Hard Seltzer is a bubbly, fruity beverage with a bit of buzz. One of the first noticeable qualities of this drink is its light and crisp nature. It has the best of both worlds where mimosa flavors are concerned, a lot of orange and a dash of peach. The can’s beauty complements the drink’s fantastic taste. Whether it’s in your fridge, cooler, or brunch table, these cans look right at home. Sure, this hard seltzer sets the mood for any party, but it’s also an excellent companion during your alone time after work.

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