White Claw Hard Seltzer Review: Iced Tea Raspberry


Rating: 86 Points

Calories: 100

Carbs: 1g

ABV: 5%

White Claw Iced Tea Raspberry Hard SeltzerHit the Beach with White Claw Iced Tea Raspberry Hard Seltzer

With spring in full swing around the nation, we can’t help but gaze longingly at summer. We yearn for sunny weather, long days, and for an opportunity to feel sand between our toes. What better way to enjoy these days than in the company of a chilled can of a delicious hard seltzer? Packing a cooler filled with these lower alcohol by volume drinks is a summer necessity. As the day turns into evening, we wrap up in a beach blanket while the ocean breeze helps elevate our mood. Sit by a crackling fire and enjoy the feeling of satisfaction from the moment the first sip touches our tongue. It takes a special drink to accompany us on this experience, and White Claw Iced Tea Raspberry fits all of our requirements. It’s flavor sounds delicious and refreshing and it has traces of caffeine and an average alcohol by volume. We decided to put the drink to the test.

Smells Like Real Raspberries

We crack open the can, and the sweet aroma of raspberries greets us. White Claw Iced Tea Raspberry Hard Seltzer has a good level of carbonation. As soon as we pour it over ice, the bubbles gather up to the top. The taste of this seltzer is strong and accurate, which is evident from the first sip. The first sip to the last tastes and feels fresh, so we didn’t tire of the drink. When we tasted it, its juice-like flavor delighted us. There’s no boozy flavor at all. Instead, the flavor is sweet and juicy, making it difficult to stop ourselves from drinking more even after the first can.

Small Traces of Caffeine

White Claw makes their Raspberry Iced Tea with purified carbonated water, alcohol, natural flavors, brewed black tea extract, cane sugar, and natural raspberry juice concentrate. On the brand’s website, they report that White Claw Iced Tea “contains a very small amount” of caffeine. This is from the black tea extract. Aside from that, this beverage has an average alcohol content at 5% abv. At just 100 calories and 1 gram of sugar and carbs, this drink is perfect for the beach. It has everything you want without leaving you feeling over-sugared or bloated. 

Enjoy the Pleasurable Taste of Iced Tea

It is usually a pleasurable experience to have a readily available drink that doesn’t get you overthinking its ingredients. And that’s one amazing quality of the White Claw Iced Tea Raspberry Hard Seltzer. You can be assured that the ingredients are simple. From its light calorie content to its comfortable alcohol percentage and the use of natural ingredients, you’ll not have any course to worry about your beach body, even after popping a few more cans than you expected. It’s not overly sweet, but it has a unique aftertaste that leaves you longing for more. Despite its intense raspberry aroma, the brewed tea is prominent, providing a sweet, fruity beverage. Beyond that, the balanced, refreshing, and enjoyable nature of each sip keeps you wanting more.

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