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Vizzy Mimosa

Vizzy Releases a Mimosa Hard Seltzer

Spring draws near and with it comes mimosa season. From Easter to Mother’s Day Brunch to BBQs to all of those weddings you’ve been invited to, there are a million excuses to day drink. Hey, we don’t judge (nope, we join in). Coming to our rescue, Vizzy Hard Seltzer just announced that they are releasing the first-ever nationally available Mimosa Hard Seltzer. Similar to their popular variety pack and lemonade flavors, Vizzy Mimosa Hard Seltzer comes with 100 calories and 5% alcohol by volume (abv). These mimosas also feature real orange juice for that authentic feel.

Vizzy is a Rising Hard Seltzer Star

Molson Coors released Vizzy Hard Seltzer in 2020 when the brand distinguished itself on the boast of their drinks containing acerola cherry, an antioxidant vitamin C rich superfruit. The market was already competitive when they dropped. So, the brand hoped that their orange cans and vitamin boost would distinguish them.

Unfortunately, the brand found itself in hot water for their vitamin C addition. According to Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) and Consumer Federation of America (CFA), Vizzy Hard Seltzer might be perceived by consumers as containing a fortified source of vitamins. And, according to these critics, alcohol producers are not supposed to claim any health benefits. The criticism turned serious when the CSPI and CFA wrote a letter to the FDA urging to take action against Vizzy for their vitamin ingredient due to fear that it will cause the appearance of misleading health benefits.

Despite this, Vizzy has grown as a brand.

In the past couple of years, hard seltzer has enjoyed a booming market. The market picked up speed in 2019, tripled in 2020, and continued to grow but slowed considerably in 2021. Despite the recent slowing, Vizzy reports that it “has soared, growing 85%, making it the fastest-growing top hard seltzer brand in 2021.” They also state that they have risen to become a top 5 hard seltzer brand in the United States. This is quite a feat, as the top two hard seltzer brands, White Claw and Truly, have claimed all but a monopoly with 75% of the hard seltzer market (in October 2021).

Iz a Vibe

Vizzy is feeling quite content with their growth last year. Now, they say, they want to work on their vibe, and their vibe is brunch with friends and pool parties with your crush. The words they use to describe their vibe are: positivity, optimism, fun, and inclusion. They’ve highlighted this feel-good, time with friends sensibility with two TV commercials. Both commercials feature groups of friends enjoying the sunshine and LGBTQ+ positive messages. Florida drag queen Taina Norell stars in Vizzy Mimosa Hard Seltzer brunch commercial.

This isn’t the first campaign Vizzy has done with the drag queen community. Just last year, Vizzy announced the #vizzability project with Queen Priyanka who went on to become the brand’s Community Impact Manager. The #Vizzability Project promoted LGBTQIA+ artists with creative grants and one-on-one mentoring with Queen Priyanka, and mass media features.

We’re excited about this new addition. So, let’s sit back and enjoy the vibe.

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