Two Robbers Hard Seltzer Review: Pineapple Ginger

Two Robbers Pineapple Ginger

Rating: 86 Points

Calories: 110

Carbs: 2g

ABV: 5.2%

Two Robbers Pineapple Ginger

Two Robbers Pineapple Ginger Spices Up a Popular Flavor

There is something about pineapple hard seltzers that are just perfect for summer days. It could be the tropical aroma and bright yellow color of the pineapple. Or it could be the sweet, tangy flavor that feels so fresh and relaxing. It could be a combination of both. We have tasted many pineapple hard seltzers throughout the years, and each brand takes a somewhat different approach to the flavor. It’s safe to say, however, that Two Robbers Hard Seltzer decided to take a very different approach when it added ginger to this popular fruit flavor. Because of this, Two Robbers Pineapple Ginger caught our eye. The sweet and juicy flavor of pineapple paired with the spicy and zesty taste of ginger sounds too good to be true. So, we gave it a try. Below is our full review of our experience with this hard seltzer.

Delicious Pineapple Flavor with a Subtle Hint of Ginger

Two Robbers Pineapple Ginger hard seltzer offers a bubbly experience. With sparkling water and citric acid, this hard seltzer is not lacking in carbonation. There is also an authentic and natural pineapple aroma. The smell of pineapple provides a preview of what is yet to come — the delicious pineapple flavor. If you love traditional hard seltzers that feature the popular flavor of pineapple, then this one does not disappoint.

 We really enjoy the pineapple taste of this hard seltzer. There is, however, not much ginger. This is certainly a disappointment as we were intrigued by the idea of adding ginger to a pineapple hard seltzer. Nevertheless, there is a minor taste of ginger that you can detect. In fact, some drinkers may prefer the subtleness of the ginger that allows the taste to really focus on the pineapple and provide a natural pineapple seltzer experience.

No Sugar and Natural Flavors

Two Robbers Pineapple Ginger is made with sparkling water, alcohol from cold fermented cane sugar, natural flavors, and citric acid. There are 110 calories in each can of this hard seltzer by Two Robbers. Additionally, there is only one gram of carbohydrates, and zero grams come from sugar. You can also enjoy a 5.2% alcohol by volume (ABV), an amount that is usually strong enough to provide a boozy feeling but nothing that should be considered overpowering for the average adult who drinks hard seltzers.

A Nice Hard Seltzer Option for Summertime

Two Robbers Pineapple Ginger hard seltzer offers a fruity drinking experience thanks largely to the pineapple flavor; the ginger adds a subtle taste as well. This hard seltzer by Two Robbers is perfect for summertime. This is because the fruity pineapple flavor provides a fresh taste for warm weather. Whether you are beachside, by the pool, or grilling in your backyard, this is an excellent addition to any cooler outdoors on a hot day. It can be enjoyed straight from the can or poured over a glass of ice. Overall, Two Robbers Pineapple Ginger hard seltzer is a low-carb, low-calorie option with a natural pineapple flavor and a touch of ginger that is perfect for summer sipping.

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