Nutrl Vodka Seltzer Review: Cranberry Apple

Nutrl Cranberry Apple

Rating: 92 Points

Calories: 100

Carbs: 0g

ABV: 4.5%

Nutrl Cranberry Apple

Nutrl Cranberry Apple is Perfect for Any Time of the Year

Do you remember candy apples when you were a kid? They are tangy and spicy on the outside, while their insides are filled with juicy sweetness. Imagine yourself as a child coming inside and finding a tray of delicious apples that have been dipped and coated in candy. Well, the good news is you can enjoy a similar experience as an adult with Nutrl Cranberry Apple. This vodka seltzer tastes very similar to candy apples. One big difference here is there is that these vodka seltzers have very little sugar (less than 2.5 grams). Instead, you can enjoy delicious and tangy cranberry along with natural apple flavor guilt free.  Intrigued by the concept of apple and cranberry together, we decided to try this hard seltzer. Below we detail our observations.

Tasty Apple Paired with Cranberry for a Delicious Flavor

As soon as you pop open a can of Nutrl Vodka Seltzer Cranberry Apple, a fruity aroma rises from the can. The smell raises our expectations for the flavor, and, fortunately, the taste delivers. The apple is spot on. It is not always easy to incorporate an authentic apple flavor in a hard seltzer, but Nutrl Cranberry succeeds. There is no fake sweetener taste or tart aftertaste. Every sip leaves you craving more. The carbonation level is light, giving this drink a refreshing feel.

A Light Hard Seltzer with 4.5% ABV and Only 100 Calories

Nutrl Cranberry makes its Cranberry Apple with vodka, seltzer, and real fruit juice. It is relatively light on sugar, containing only 2.4 grams. Each 12-ounce can only contains 100 calories and is gluten-free. The alcohol by volume is 4.5%. Thus, you can enjoy a lighter alcohol experience, although it still provides a kick (especially if you drink an entire can or more).  We also enjoyed the fun branding on the cans. They capture the overall experience of the Nutrl Cranberry Apple hard seltzer.

An Excellent Vodka Seltzer

Whether you are searching for the perfect vodka seltzer to add to your outdoor cooler on a hot summer day or you are cozying up on the couch mid-winter, the Nutrl Cranberry Apple makes for an excellent beverage choice. The flavors of cranberry and apple are just as refreshing during the winter as they are during the summer months. So, from winter holiday parties to sunny beach days, we strongly recommend adding this vodka seltzer to your cooler. Overall, you can expect a delicious taste with a perfect amount of carbonation. The kick of alcohol is nice but not overpowering. We recommend enjoying these straight out of the can, although you can also serve them over ice as well.

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