Tommy Bahama Vodka Soda Review: Hibiscus Lime

Tommy Bahama Hibiscus Lime Featured

Rating: 92 Points

Calories: 110

Carbs: g

ABV: 5%

Tommy Bahama Hibiscus Lime Featured

Tommy Bahama Hibiscus Lime is Perfect for Upscale Occasions

Imagine yourself taking a much-needed personal day. Perhaps you decide to go to a spa so that you can relax and feel at peace. You get there, and you are greeted by a delicious cocktail with a fresh aroma of hibiscus and citrus. That is the experience that Tommy Bahama achieves with its vodka seltzer Hibiscus Lime. It has a fresh spa experience, regardless of if you are actually at a spa or at home relaxing on your couch after a long day. We were intrigued by this flavor combination. So, as we always do when we find an intriguing canned cocktail, we decided to try it out and provide our thoughts. Here is a review that summarizes our testers’ findings.

The Tastes of Flower and Lime Create a Delicious Combination

Tommy Bahama Hibiscus Lime vodka soda is packed with powerful flavors that complement one another perfectly. The lime, in particular, is pronounced and perhaps the most prominent of the flavors. With that said, the lime flavor is not overpowering. The hibiscus adds a pleasant floral experience to this vodka soda as well. Overall, this vodka soda provides a relaxing experience. One could also describe this drink as fancy, making it perfect for brunches with friends, spa getaways, and other upscale occasions where you want to enjoy the high life. Pour this vodka soda over ice and garnish it with a slice of lime to truly recreate the spa-drink experience. Of course, this canned cocktail is delicious straight out of the can as well.

Natural Flavors with Excellent Carbonation

The Tommy Bahama Hibiscus Lime canned cocktail is made with vodka and natural flavors. There are four grams of sugar; however, we are not sure of the total amount of carbohydrates. This is a gluten-free option. Each can contains 110 calories. The alcohol content is 5% ABV. Therefore, prepare for a light kick; although the alcohol flavor is minimal (which we enjoyed). The carbonation is excellent as well. The cans have a unique and intriguing design that brings tropical beaches to mind.

Add Flavor to Your Sunny Brunch with this Vodka Soda!

Tommy Bahama Hibiscus Lime is great for “classier” occasions, such as trips to the spa or a sunny outdoor brunch with your friends. Picture yourself in a sundress (or casual suit), sipping on a cold can of Tommy Bahama Hibiscus Lime. This canned cocktail adds a fancy vibe to any occasion. We enjoyed the hibiscus flower experience, which pairs perfectly with the strong flavor of the lime. The 5% ABV provides a good kick. Overall, we recommend this vodka soda for those who want a unique option that is markedly different from more traditional canned cocktail flavors. As mentioned, this vodka soda is great for formal occasions with friends or family you do not see regularly. However, the flavor is excellent no matter how, where, or when you drink it.

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