Press Hard Seltzer Review: Pineapple Basil

Press Pineapple Basil Featured

Rating: 90 Points

Calories: 110

Carbs: 7g

ABV: 4%

Press Pineapple Basil

Press Pineapple Basil Offers a Unique Twist

Pineapple is one of the most common hard seltzer flavors. The tropical and sweet taste of pineapple pairs perfectly with alcohol. However, pineapple enthusiasts often crave different variations of hard seltzer. We often come across pineapple mixed with coconut, mango, and berries. One thing we do not expect to see is the herb basil in a pineapple hard seltzer. This is why the Pineapple Basil Hard Seltzer by Press caught our attention. The addition of basil offers a unique twist. As pineapple-hard seltzer lovers, we had our test tasters here at Seltzer Nation try this option to see if pineapple and basil truly belong in the same drink. Below is a detailed review of the flavors, branding, ingredients, and more.

A Beautiful Blend of Fruity Flavors and Basil

Upon taking our first sip of Press Pineapple Basil Hard Seltzer, it is immediately clear that pineapple and basil complement each other well. The flavor in this hard seltzer is fruity and tropical. That said, it is distinctly different than most pineapple seltzers. This is because the flavor is more subtle, and the pineapple is not nearly as strong as we expected. The basil flavor is minimal as well. However, you can expect a nice hint of basil in the aftertaste, which balances out the sweetness of the pineapple, sugar, and other ingredients. Overall, the flavor is sweet, albeit more subtle than other pineapple seltzers you may have tried. Another interesting aspect of this hard seltzer is its clear appearance. This makes this beverage ideal for pouring out of the can and into a glass. On a strange note, we detect more of a strawberry aroma than pineapple or basil.

A Delicious Malt-Based Beverage

Press Pineapple Basil hard seltzer is made with a malt base, citric acid, and gluten-removed fructose. The branding states that this is a malt-based hard seltzer beverage. There is only 4% alcohol by volume for this hard seltzer, which makes the alcohol content lighter than most other hard seltzer options. However, the alcohol is noticeable and provides a subtle kick. There are seven grams of carbs and five grams of sugar. Although the gluten is removed from the fructose, this is not considered a gluten-free option. There are 110 calories per can.

Fresh and Refreshing

Are you searching for a pineapple seltzer that is different than the traditional pineapple flavor? If so, this may be just the drink for you. The key to this beverage is the added basil, which provides a nice twist to the taste experience. As mentioned, it is also a malt-based beverage. The sweet aroma is another feature of the Press Pineapple Basil that you may love. We suggest pouring this hard seltzer out of the can and over a glass of ice. With that said, Press Pineapple Basil has a nice flavor straight out of the can as well. It is also a nice option to take with you to the beach or pool. Just be sure to store it in an ice-filled cooler if you do so.

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