Ranch Rider Spirits Canned Cocktail Review: The Buck

Ranch Rider Spirits The Buck

Rating: 87 Points

Calories: 119

Carbs: 2.1g

ABV: 5.99%

Ranch Rider Spirits The BuckRanch Rider Spirits The Buck Contains Bold Flavor and an Authentic Taste

There is a misconception among far too many that canned cocktails are not nearly as bold in flavor as their bar-made counterparts. Ranch Rider Spirits The Buck defies this notion and provides strong flavor experience. It combines vodka with the flavors of ginger and lime. We found this to be an interesting alternative that stands out for its bold flavor and authentic taste. Upon hearing all the buzz about Ranch Rider Spirits The Buck, we knew we had to give it a try and see if it lived up to its reputation. Here is a summary of our experience, highlighting this canned cocktail’s flavor, ingredients, and overall vibe.

Taste Powered by Ginger and Lime

The first thing we noticed after taking a sip of Ranch Rider Spirits The Buck Canned Cocktail is the ginger. It was stronger than we initially anticipated, but it turned out to be a nice surprise. In some ways, this cocktail reminds us of carbonated ginger ale. The ginger is accurate tasting due to the real ginger that Ranch Rider uses. There is also an excellent level of carbonation due to the sparkling water. The bubbles give the drink life and adds an element to the flavor. The lime is a nice addition as well. You can really taste the lime toward the end of each sip, and it provides a unique aftertaste. Overall, the flavor of the Ranch Rider Spirits The Buck was enjoyable, especially the ginger and lime flavors.

A Gluten-Free Beverage With 5.99% Alcohol

Ranch Rider Spirits The Buck is made with vodka, sparkling water, real ginger, and real lime. The ginger is more powerful than you might expect, but the flavors blend together well overall. There is a 5.99% ABV for this canned cocktail, making it a relatively heavy option for casual drinkers. Each can contains 119 calories. There are 2.1 grams of carbohydrates and 0.8 grams of sugar. This is a gluten-free option that may be a good choice for drinkers who prefer to avoid gluten, particularly those who have a sensitivity to gluten or a gluten allergy. We also appreciate the design on the can that Ranch Rider put together. In particular, the artwork felt very South Western. It is more masculine and has strong Texas vibes.

Taste the Texas Vibes with Every Sip

Ranch Rider is famous for its Texas-themed canned cocktails. Everything from the unique branding to the ginger and other spices offers a unique option among fruit-based canned cocktails. For Ranch Rider Spirits The Buck, in particular, you can taste the Texas vibes with ginger, lime, and vodka. It offers a bolder flavor combination. As you might expect, you are in for a stronger alcohol experience as well. This canned cocktail, which contains vodka, has nearly 6% ABV. Be sure to drink responsibly, as drinking one or more can come with quite a kick.

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