The Finnish Long Drink Varieties, Ranked

The Finnish Long Drink Varieties, Ranked

The Finnish Long Drink

Unlike most top-selling hard seltzer and canned cocktail brands, RTD brand the Long Drink Company only really offers one cocktail — the Long Drink. They essentially do one thing, but they do it very well. The Long Drink is a popular cocktail in Finland that dates back to the 1952 Summer Games. Finland was recovering from the ravages of World War II, and they didn’t have enough supplies to provide refreshments to the tourists and citizens attending the games. So, the Finnish government commissioned the Long Drink Cocktail — a cocktail that combines grapefruit juice, juniper berry, and gin. The cocktail grew in popularity across Europe for nearly seventy years when the Long Drink Company brought it to the United States in 2018. Soon after, movie-star Miles Teller sampled the Long Drink in New York. He believed in the canned cocktail company (and the story behind it) so much that he became a part owner and helped the brand’s transition stateside.

The Finnish Long Drink hit the USA market hot in 2018 and remained popular. According to Drizly, the Long Drink Company is among the top ten best-selling RTD companies in the United States in 2022. The Finnish Long Drink comes in four varieties, Traditional, Strong Citrus (8.5% ABV), Zero Sugar, and Cranberry. While all four flavors are varieties of the same cocktail, we at Seltzer Nation found that each version had its own strengths. That said, all four of the Long Drink varieties come highly recommended by our team. The cocktails rank between “very good quality” and “best of the best.” However, some varieties are definitely superior to others. Here are all four varieties of the Finnish Long Drink, ranked from least to most preferred.

The Finnish Long Drink Strong Citrus Featured

#4 The Long Drink Strong

While the Long Drink Strong has the highest ABV of the group, coming in at 8.5% ABV, unfortunately, our testers feel that it is too much of a good thing. In fact, they say that it “might be just too much.” The flavor is still deliciously citrusy and sweet. Nonetheless, the gin tastes strong in this one. If you like your gin cocktail with a strong punch of alcohol, then this is a great option for you. The grapefruit aroma and flavor are authentic and strong. Overall, it tastes natural and sweet. However, the sweet, authentic taste comes at the cost of the carbs and calories being higher with this one.

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The Finnish Long Drink Zero Sugar Featured

#3 The Long Drink Zero Sugar

The greatest benefit of the Long Drink Zero Sugar variety is that this canned cocktail features the great taste of the Long Drink cocktail with 0 grams of carbs and sugar and only 99 calories. The downside? These canned cocktails contain artificial sweeteners, and you can taste them. However, our reviewers say that it is “almost as good as the original.” It’s not quite as sweet as the Long Drink Traditional. The fact that it’s less sweet may appeal to some, as the Long Drink is a sweeter cocktail. If you prefer a drink with a lighter flavor, then this is a good option for you. 

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The Finnish Long Drink Traditional

#2 The Long Drink Traditional

The Long Drink Traditional is based on the original cocktail recipe commissioned by the Finnish government for the 1952 Summer Games. Short of flying to Finland, it’s about as authentic an experience as you’re going to get of this historic cocktail. This cocktail tastes like a grapefruit soda with a kick. It reminds our testers of the popular soda mixer Fresca by Coca-Cola. As a side note, Coca-Cola recently released a vodka and tequila line of Frescas called Fresca Mixed. The Long Drink Traditional definitely tastes different from Fresca Mixed, probably due in part to the fact that the Long Drink uses gin as its spirit. That said, the reviewers also stated that they “wouldn’t know it was a gin-based drink unless someone told us.” The cocktail is refreshing and sweet. 

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The Long Drink Cranberry

#1 The Long Drink Cranberry

Our top-ranked the Long Drink variety pick is the Long Drink Cranberry. In the words of our testers, “How could the Long Drink Company improve on its Traditional flavor? Add cranberry!” The cranberry flavor has a perfect balance between tart and sweet. This drink offers all of the citrus goodness of the traditional beverage with a light, tart cranberry flavor added on top. Make sure to pour this cocktail over ice so you can enjoy the pink color of the liquid in a glass.

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