The Finnish Long Drink Canned Cocktail Review: Zero Sugar

The Finnish Long Drink Zero Sugar Featured

Rating: 89 Points

Calories: 99

Carbs: 0g

ABV: 5%

The Finnish Long Drink Zero SugarThe Finnish Long Drink Zero Sugar Tastes Great

Delicious taste combined with no sugar? That is what Long Drink sets out to achieve with the Long Drink Zero Sugar Canned Cocktail. This drink is a nice addition to the popular Long Drink canned cocktail line. Specifically, this cocktail is an ideal option if you love the Long Drink Traditional but are turned off by the amount of sugar and carbs. Long Drink Zero Sugar contains absolutely no sugar or carbohydrates, yet Long Drink aims to keep the delicious flavor of its other canned cocktails. Our Seltzer Nation reviewers gave Long Drink Zero Sugar a try. Below are our notes about this canned cocktail.

A Sugar-Free Canned cocktail That is Still Delicious

Despite the replacement of sugar with artificial sweeteners, the Finnish Long Drink Zero Sugar keeps its delicious flavor. In fact, we enjoyed the flavor experience almost as much as the Traditional version (Long Drink Traditional). However, although still sweet with great flavor, it is noticeably not as sweet as other Long Drink options. Nevertheless, many are more than willing to trade the extra sweet flavor for a sugar-free canned cocktail option by Long Drink. The grapefruit flavor is not as distinct without the sugar. However, it is certainly present and enjoyable. There is also an excellent aroma that the grapefruit provides. The Long Drink Zero Sugar has a high level of carbonation.

Zero Carbs and Only 5% Alcohol

This canned cocktail by Long Drink is a nice variation to their more traditional, sugar-filled canned cocktails. It is also greatly appreciated by canned cocktail enthusiasts who love the Long Drink brand but desire fewer carbs per canned beverage. Long Drink makes its Zero Sugar Canned Cocktail with gin, natural grapefruit and juniper berry flavors, and artificial sweetener. The artificial sweetener replaces the sugar that is used for their other canned cocktails. There are a total of only 99 calories per can and absolutely no carbohydrates. This drink is also gluten-free. The alcohol by volume is 5%, which is lower than most of their other canned cocktails.

A Nice Alternative to High Calorie Canned Cocktails

The Long Drink Zero Sugar delivers great flavor, and it is somewhat surprising there is no sugar. Although there are artificial sweeteners, we really appreciated the classic Long Drink Company flavor without the carbs. In fact, if you prefer a canned cocktail that is not quite as sweet, then you may even enjoy this one more. You can really taste (and smell) the natural grapefruit flavoring. The alcohol provided a subtle and nice kick as well. Overall, we highly recommend this cocktail if you are searching for a sugar-free option. We especially recommend this canned cocktail if you have had other Long Drink canned cocktails in the past but prefer something with less sugar. You can enjoy it directly out of the can, but we recommend that you pour it over ice for extra chill. Enjoy these drinks poolside on a warm day or indoors while snuggled up on the couch during the winter months. It is an equally delicious canned cocktail in any weather.

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  1. Linda Smith 10 March, 2023 at 21:41 Reply

    WHAT is the artificial sweeter used in Long drink?
    We have dogs & do NOT want any Erythritol in the house as it is TOXIC to animals.

  2. Linda Smith 10 March, 2023 at 21:56 Reply

    Can ANYONE tell us the ingredients in this product…
    I incorrectly asked about if Erythritol was an ingredient in the zero sugar version…

    Pardon, xylitol is the unsafe artificial sweeter for dogs – need to know… hate hidden stuff like this.

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