The Finnish Long Drink Review: Cranberry

The Finnish Cranberry Long Drink

Rating: 94 Points

Calories: 230

Carbs: 15g

ABV: 5.5%

The Finnish Cranberry Long Drink Puts a New Twist on a Classic Cocktail

The Finnish Cranberry Long Drink

— A traditional Long Drink is made by combining gin, club soda, and grapefruit juice. The drink has its origins in Finland, where it is referred to as lonkero. This literally translates to “long drink.” In Finland, the long drink is not only available in stores and restaurants, many bars have it on draught. Over the years, mixologists have played with the Finnish long drink recipe. Some bartenders add lemon juice and/or lime juice to the mix, giving the beverage a more tart delivery. Another variation on the Finnish long drink involves the use of cranberry juice to sweeten the blend. And bringing that taste of Finland to the U.S. sparkling canned cocktail market is The Finnish Cranberry Long Drink.

Subtle Aroma & Color

Every ready to drink cocktail has a story to tell, and that story starts with its fragrance. When you open a can of The Finnish Cranberry Long Drink you will detect the slightly sweet node of cranberry seep seductively from the container. It is a light and cheery scent – just sweet enough to make you smile. If you pour your cocktail over ice, you will delight at the subtle pink color and vibrant bubbles. The carbonation level is spot on. In terms of alcohol content, this beverage comes in with a 5.5% alcohol by volume, which is relatively average for canned cocktails of this type. It has a higher than average calorie count with 230 calories in each can to go along with 15 grams of total carbohydrates. However, it is packed full of flavor and is also gluten free.

The Finnish Cranberry Long Drink is Simply Delicious

Made from gin, natural cranberry flavor, other natural flavors, and carbonated water, This cranberry flavored Finnish Long Drink has a lot going for it. The taste is simply delicious. If you were wondering how to improve on a traditional long drink, adding cranberry seems to be the answer. The cranberry flavor is sweet and inviting, tempering any hardness from the gin. It tastes somewhat like a Fresca blended with cranberry juice. It is not too tart, which can sometimes happen with cranberry flavors. Instead, the sweetness of the cranberry is emphasized. As far as cocktails in a can go, this one is one that will get you excited. Since most people associate cranberries with the holiday season, this is a great wintertime flavor. Find even more ready to drink beverages to celebrate the holidays with in our Canned Cocktail Reviews category.

Cranberry Lovers Rejoice

The Finnish Cranberry Long Drink is a sparkling canned cocktail that takes a traditional recipe and gives it a U.S.A. twist. Whereas the traditional long drink blends grapefruit juice and gin, this variation introduces cranberry flavor. The result is divine. The cranberry flavor is natural and sweet with just a hint of tartness. Although it is higher in calories at 230 per can, it is gluten free and only has a 5.5% ABV. Those watching their weight may be put off by the 15 grams of total carbohydrates, but treating yourself with this tasty drink during the holidays is fine by us (and we won’t tell anyone). Tasting like a Fresca with splash cranberry juice, this delicious canned cocktail delivers a wintertime flavor you’re sure to love.



  1. N 16 June, 2023 at 12:33 Reply

    The Long Drink website says the drink is only 160 cals. Can you confirm that your numbers are wrong? This is a deal breaker for me when choosing a beverage. Anything over 200 is a no drink.

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