Seltzy Hard Seltzer Review: The Chill Ginger Lime

Seltzy The Chill Ginger Lime

Rating: 86 Points

Calories: 90

Carbs: 0g

ABV: 4%

Seltzy The Chill Ginger LimeSeltzy “The Chill” Ginger Lime is Light and Fresh

From margaritas to cosmopolitans to gimlets, lime is arguably the most popular fruit used in cocktails around the world. The ginger root is also very popular. It is one of the most popular spices used in cocktails (after mint) and has been for over a century. This begs the question: why not combine the two? Well, Seltzy Craft Hard Seltzer decided to do just that in “The Chill” Ginger Lime Hard Seltzer. This hard seltzer is created with Teton water, zero carbs, no gluten or added sugar, and only 90 calories. This alone is enough for us at Seltzer Nation to perk up and take notice of this one. We had to try it out, and below is a review of our experience. 

Ginger and Lime Combine for a Balanced Taste

Seltzy “The Chill” Ginger Lime Hard Seltzer tastes fresh. The lime and ginger are both faint, but we could detect them right away. The pairing of the two flavors provides a nice balance of flavors. We feared the ginger might be too strong, but this was not the case. In fact, this drink tastes like a mild ginger ale. You also get to appreciate a nice subtle aroma of both lime and ginger combined. This hard seltzer has a high level of carbonation. Every sip is full of bubbles that provide life to the drink (and overall experience). We really appreciated that it was low in alcohol as well (with only 4% ABV). 

An Incredibly Light Hard Seltzer

Seltzy “The Chill” Ginger Lime is one of the lightest hard seltzers you will find. It contains only 90 calories (less than the average hard seltzer). There is also only 4% alcohol-by-volume (ABV), an amount that can produce a slight buzz but comes far from knocking you off your feet. Additionally, there is less than one gram of sugar (0.5 grams precisely). There are no additional carbohydrates. You can enjoy the fact that there is no gluten with this hard seltzer by Seltzy as well. Seltzy makes its “The Chill” Ginger Lime with purified water, alcohol from dextrose, natural flavors, citric acid, and carbon dioxide (for carbonation purposes).

A Tasty Option for Adults Who Like Lighter Hard Seltzers

Overall, Seltzy “The Chill” Ginger Lime is a nice option that offers a balanced flavor. We recommend this drink to adults who prefer a lighter flavor, calorie, and alcohol experience. You do not have to worry nearly as much about feeling too boozy with this as opposed to many other hard seltzers. The fact that it is low in calories, carbs, and sugar (along with being free from gluten) makes it even better.  Seltzy even provides instructions on how to drink these hard seltzers. Specifically, they recommend enjoying them either straight from the can or by mixing them into a cocktail. If you choose the cocktail route, then they recommend a Collins glass, crushed ice, lime, and a neutral spirit. 

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