Bud Light Sangria Splash Variety Pack

Bud Light Sangria Splash Variety Pack

New Limited-Edition Sangria Pack from Bud Light Seltzer

The sun is finally coming out after a long, cold, and wet winter. Outside, birds are singing and flowers are blooming. Cherry blossom petals float on the wind. This can only mean one thing. It’s time to drink sangria! Just in case you’ve never had the pleasure, sangria is a popular Spanish alcoholic drink made with wine, fruit, and sparkling water. It is a wine punch that is almost always served chilled, meaning it is perfect for early spring days when the weather is finally warming up. The good news is you don’t have to get messy and mix up the sangria yourself. This spring, Bud Light Seltzer just released the limited-edition Sangria Splash Variety Pack with four sangria-inspired flavors.

The Sangria Splash Variety Pack

Bud Light Seltzer Sangria Splash Pack The Sangria Splash Pack comes at a time when Bud Light Seltzer has just identified that they have a big problem – the majority of consumers still think that Bud Light Seltzer contains beer.

“Since our inception, Bud Light Seltzer has always been about bringing new, bold, and delicious hard seltzer flavors to market, BUT due to our Bud Light name people still think there is beer in our great tasting seltzer; 54% of people to be exact,” Steve Wolf, Vice President of Marketing for Bud Light Extensions, says in a March 7, 2023 press release. “That’s why our new campaign makes it crystal clear – Bud Light Seltzer is ‘100% Hard Seltzer, 0% Beer.’ When people try Bud Light Seltzer, they instantly fall in love with it and our hope is that our new campaign will encourage more 21+ consumers to give us a try, especially our new limited-edition Sangria Splash variety pack.”

This brand-new limited-edition pack has four flavors, Red Sangria Style, White Sangria Style, Rosé Sangria Style, and Tropical Sangria Style. In an emailed press release, the brand describes its Red Sangria Style as having “bold berry and cranberry notes.” White Sangria Style “tastes like a bright peach sunset.” For its Rosé Sangria Style, the brand entices you to “dance the day and night away with juicy berry and subtle floral notes.” Last but not least, Tropical Sangria Style contains “notes of citrus and mango.”

Everything We Know

Bud Light Sangria Splash Variety PackBud Light Seltzer Sangria Splash Variety Pack is already available across the nation. The drinks come in flavor variety 12-packs of 12 oz. slim cans. These drinks are made with natural flavors and pure cane sugar. They come in at 110 calories and less than 2 grams of sugar. The alcohol content is 5% ABV, which is in line with most of Bud Light Seltzer’s hard seltzers. These drinks are also gluten-free. The brand underlines that “it’s ‘100% Hard Seltzer, 0% Beer!” If you’re enjoying the world blossoming into color and the sweet sound of birdsong in the air, head to your local liquor store and celebrate the coming of spring with the Sangria Splash Variety Pack.

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